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Lime Crime Hair Dye Review : An In-Depth Guide

Looking to revamp your hair color? Lime Crime Hair Dye offers a vegan formula, free from harsh chemicals, providing vibrant hues without the guilt. Sulfate-free shampoos maintain color vibrancy, while heat styling moderation prevents color loss. From bold 'Neon Peach' to pastel 'Bubblegum Rose,' the color palette dazzles. Do a patch test to dodge potential scalp irritation and prolong the color with maintenance. A fade-resistant formula guarantees long-lasting vibrancy, perfect for the trendsetter in you. Ready for a vibrant hair transformation? Lime Crime Hair Dye awaits your personal touch to reveal a world of colorful possibilities.

In a Nutshell

  • The vegan formula of Lime Crime hair dye offers vibrant colors without any animal-derived ingredients, making it a cruelty-free option for eco-conscious consumers.
  • The sulfate-free maintenance system helps in retaining the color vibrancy for a longer period, ensuring that your hair stays vibrant and fresh-looking.
  • However, some users may experience potential scalp irritation, so it is recommended to conduct a patch test before applying the dye all over your hair to avoid any discomfort.
  • With a wide range of diverse color options available, from bold and intense shades to soft and pastel hues, there is something for everyone's unique style and preference.
  • The fade-resistant formula of Lime Crime hair dye ensures that the color stays vibrant and vivid for an extended period, reducing the need for frequent touch-ups and maintenance.

Product Overview

Lime Crime Hair Dye stands out from other hair products on the market with its vegan formula that's free from ammonia, bleach, and harsh chemicals. This ensures a gentle and vibrant color experience that's also cruelty-free. The application process is easy, but remember to conduct a patch test and use gloves for safety. For best results, apply the dye to clean, dry hair.

On the positive side, Lime Crime Hair Dye offers a wide range of bold and unique colors that allow you to express your individuality and creativity. Additionally, the vegan formula is gentle on hair and scalp, making it suitable for those with sensitive skin.

However, some users may find the dye to be less long-lasting compared to other brands on the market. Additionally, the vibrant colors may require frequent touch-ups to maintain their intensity.

Color Vibrancy

To enhance the vibrancy of your Lime Crime Hair Dye color, it's essential to integrate tailored care practices into your hair care routine.

  1. Use sulfate-free shampoos to safeguard your color from fading.
  2. Apply a color-safe conditioner to maintain your hair's moisture balance.
  3. Limit excessive heat styling to prevent color loss and damage.
  4. Shield your hair from UV rays with a hat or UV protection spray to avoid color dullness and oxidation.

Vibrant Color Options

Unleash your creativity with the diverse range of color options offered by Lime Crime Hair Dye, allowing you to express your individuality effortlessly.


  1. Stand out with vibrant shades like 'Neon Peach' and 'Jello' that will make a bold statement wherever you go.
  2. Embrace a softer aesthetic with pastel hues like 'Bubblegum Rose' and 'Cloud' for a more delicate and romantic look.
  3. Dare to be different with unconventional colors such as 'Squid' and 'Mint Ice' for a daring and edgy transformation.
  4. Enjoy intense color payoff without compromising the health of your hair, thanks to the hair-friendly formula used in these dyes.


  1. Some users may find the unconventional colors like 'Squid' and 'Mint Ice' challenging to style with everyday outfits.
  2. The vibrant shades like 'Neon Peach' and 'Jello' may require frequent touch-ups to maintain their intensity, which can be time-consuming for some individuals.

Potential Scalp Irritation

If you have sensitive skin, it's important to be aware of the potential scalp irritation that could arise from using Lime Crime Hair Dye. Here are some tips to help minimize the risk of irritation:

Positive Points:

  1. Conduct a patch test before full application to check for any adverse reactions.
  2. Follow the instructions for dye application carefully to ensure proper and safe usage.
  3. Prioritize hair health by using nourishing products that can help maintain the scalp's natural balance.

Negative Points:

  1. Some individuals with sensitive skin may experience scalp irritation when using the hair dye.
  2. In rare cases, certain ingredients in the dye may cause allergic reactions or discomfort on the scalp.
  3. If you notice any signs of irritation or discomfort, it's important to discontinue use and consult a dermatologist for further advice.

Color Longevity Review

When considering the longevity of the Lime Crime hair dye colors, you'll find that they're fade-resistant, maintaining vibrancy well over time.

To guarantee your color lasts, following maintenance tips like using color-safe products and minimizing heat styling can greatly prolong the lifespan of your chosen shade.

The time between touch-ups can vary depending on your hair care routine, with some shades requiring more frequent upkeep than others.

Fade-Resistant Hair Color

Lime Crime Hair Dye boasts a fade-resistant formula that ensures your vibrant color lasts longer, saving you time and effort on touch-ups. With advanced technology, this dye keeps your hair color fresh and bright for extended periods, allowing you to enjoy your colorful locks without constant maintenance.

However, some users may find that the formula can be a bit drying to the hair, requiring extra care and hydration to maintain healthy locks. Despite this, the longevity of the color is a major plus, giving you the freedom to rock vibrant hair without worrying about fading issues.

Maintenance Tips for Color

To ensure your Lime Crime Hair Dye color stays vibrant for longer, follow these maintenance tips.

Embrace color-safe shampoo and conditioner to lock in the vivid hue, but be cautious of overusing them as they can sometimes weigh down your hair.

Limit heat styling to preserve the color, although occasional styling with heat protectant is fine.

Shield your locks from UV rays using hats or SPF-infused hair products, yet avoid excessive exposure to these elements as they can also cause color fading.

Opt for lukewarm water instead of hot water when washing your hair to prevent color stripping, but don't go too cold either as it can be harsh on your scalp.

Treat your hair to regular deep conditioning sessions to maintain the vibrancy of your color, but be mindful not to overdo it, as too much conditioning can sometimes lead to color buildup.

Time Between Touch-Ups

To maintain the vibrancy of your Lime Crime Hair Dye color, it's important to adhere to the recommended time frame between touch-ups. Regular root touch-ups can help prevent color fading, ensuring your locks stay fresh and bold.

By staying proactive and scheduling touch-ups within the suggested timeframe, you can keep your hair looking vibrant and on-trend. Neglecting touch-ups can lead to dullness and a faded appearance, so be sure to stay on top of your color maintenance.

Don't wait until your color fades – stay ahead of the game and keep those roots in check for long-lasting, vibrant hair color.

Client Satisfaction Levels

Based on customer feedback, Lime Crime Hair Dye receives a mix of satisfaction ratings. Customers appreciate the color intensity and long-lasting vibrancy of the dyes, often achieving their desired shade with just one application. This allows them to experiment with various looks.

However, some customers have noted that the dye can be challenging to remove from hair, leading to potential staining or color buildup. Despite this, many are pleased with the dye's ability to maintain its brilliance over time.

Value for Your Money?

When it comes to value for your money, Lime Crime Hair Dye offers vibrant colors and long-lasting intensity at an affordable price point. The budget-friendly options make it a great choice for bold hair transformations without emptying your wallet.

The dye's quality ensures that your hair color stays vibrant for an extended period, allowing you to experiment with different looks without frequent touch-ups. However, some users may find the dye's processing time to be longer than expected, which can be a downside for those looking for quick results.

Additionally, while the colors are intense and long-lasting, some shades may require more maintenance to keep their vibrancy over time.

Satisfaction Levels Summary

When evaluating overall satisfaction levels with Lime Crime Hair Dye, users consistently praise its vibrant color payoff and long-lasting results. Customer feedback highlights the dye's ability to maintain intensity even after multiple washes, contributing to a positive experience.

However, some users have reported that the dye may stain skin and surfaces easily during application, requiring extra care and cleanup. Additionally, while the easy application process is appreciated by many, some users have mentioned that the dye can be a bit messy and may drip during use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Lime Crime Hair Dye Be Used on Previously Dyed Hair?

Yes, you can use Lime Crime hair dye on previously dyed hair. To guarantee color longevity, make sure to properly prepare your hair. Enjoy the freedom to experiment with vibrant hues while keeping your locks healthy and stylish.

How Long Should I Wait Before Reapplying Lime Crime Hair Dye?

When reapplying Lime Crime hair dye, wait at least 4-6 weeks for touch-ups. This waiting period allows your hair to recover and maintain health. Rushing reapplication may harm your hair's integrity, so patience is key for vibrant results.

Does Lime Crime Hair Dye Work Well on Dark Hair?

For those with dark hair wondering if Lime Crime hair dye works well, rest assured it does! The color penetration is excellent, especially on hair with high porosity. You'll love the vibrant results.

Are There Any Special Tips for Maintaining Lime Crime Hair Color?

To keep your Lime Crime hair color vibrant, try washing with cold water to prevent color fading. Schedule regular root touch-ups to maintain a fresh look. Embrace the freedom of colorful hair without worrying about constant touch-ups.

Can Lime Crime Hair Dye Be Mixed With Other Brands for Custom Shades?

Sure, you can mix Lime Crime hair dye with other brands for custom shades. Experiment with color mixing techniques to achieve unique results. Keep in mind brand compatibility considerations for the best outcome. Enjoy creating your personalized hair colors!