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Zipair Review: Is This Airline Worth Trying?

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Zipair Review – the country’s latest low-cost airline – is an excellent alternative for those looking for an affordable way to travel.

Zipair gives travelers the comfort of cheap fares, quick travel time, and the opportunity to travel to sure of Japan’s stunning and thrilling regions. In this article, we’ll examine the advantages and cons of flying with Zipair and decide if it’s worth the effort.

What is Zipair?

Zipair Zipair is a brand-new airline with a budget in Tokyo, Japan. It was established to offer an affordable and enjoyable journey for travelers. Zipair operates from Haneda Airport (HND), and plans are in the works for expansion into other airports throughout Japan and overseas.

Zipair Review: Is This Airline Worth Trying?

Zipair provides international and domestic flights to well-known destinations in Japan, such as Osaka, Fukuoka, and Okinawa. They also offer frequent flights to destinations throughout Asia, like South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Airbus A330 200 aircraft equipped with business and economy class seating. Economy class provides more space than the standard economy seats other carriers offer. You can also upgrade the business class seats in ‘Lie Flat’ for a more relaxing travel experience.


For entertainment during the flight, Zipair offers its passengers a diverse selection of movies and TV shows that passengers can enjoy. The airline also provides complimentary refreshments and snacks during the flight. In addition, passengers can choose to savor a variety of food options from their menu on the flight.

The amenities on board include blankets, pillows, earbuds, and other amenities to ensure comfort. Zipair also provides free WiFi to stay connected throughout your flight.

Furthermore, Zipair allows you to pay to access the airport lounge before the flight. This is an excellent opportunity to unwind and relax before taking off.

Finally, Zipair has an excellent punctual arrival rate and is known to have helpful staff members who are accommodating and helpful.

Zipair gives passengers a wonderful low-cost travel experience with valuable amenities and options.

Zipair Review (In-Depth)

Economy Class Seats (Standard Seats)

In terms of legroom, it’s the same situation. With 70.9cm (31 inches) in the seat’s pitch (from forward to rear), there’s not much distance between your heart and that in front of you.

But the best part is that, due to the seating layout, you’ll still have space for your legs even if the seat ahead of you reclines.

The seats of the standard are fitted with adjustable headrests and individual overhead screens that allow the user to play films or games on their mobile device. The recline is suitable for those who like sleeping on planes. It’s just enough to give you an ideal posture.

Super Cheap Business Class’ Lie Flat’ Seats

Zipair is a tremendous new airline that offers a unique experience to customers looking to travel with style without costing a fortune. The Full-Flat seats offered by Zipair are the best method to fly with style and comfort.

The flat seats allow passengers to recline completely and extend, making it ideal for flights with longer durations like those to Los Angeles or Honolulu. The most significant benefit is that rates are pretty cheap for seating in business class for this Tokyo up to Seoul routes starting at 33,660 yen.

It’s a tiny fraction of the price you’d typically pay for first-class and business-class seats on other airlines, such as ANA and JAL. If you’re searching for a luxurious and budget-friendly flying experience, ZIPAIR’s Full-Flat seats are undoubtedly worthwhile.

Inflight Entertainment

One aspect distinguishing Zipair from other airline carriers is that it does not have traditional screens for entertainment on the plane. Although this might be odd initially, the company more than compensates for the difference with its free WiFi access that lets passengers stream movies, music, movies, and other entertainment directly onto their devices.

By using the online entertainment system, passengers have access to the standard selection of films, music, and other entertainment options available on all international flights. There’s also a collection of books and magazines to download. Unfortunately, no live TV can be seen on Zipair flights.

The quality of in-flight entertainment offered by Zipair is good. However, it’s not as expensive as the other airlines. Free WiFi connection may sometimes be sporadic, so travelers should be prepared to use it for entertainment.

However, Zipair’s entertainment on the flight is an excellent method to keep busy during long flights.

Quality of Food

The food menus offered by ZIPAIR are delightful, particularly when considering the low-cost cost of flying. The range of Japanese cuisine is superb and has plenty to satisfy all, regardless of the type of food you want.

With hot meals and snacks onboard, you’ll get something to fill your stomach. The food is top-quality, with some dishes you’d expect to see in a local eatery.

ZIPAIR can provide quality meals at a meager cost, which makes their services stand out from the crowd.


Concerning the features, Zipair offers two sets of products: The A-set and the B-set. The A-set comprises a blanket, eye mask, earplugs, neck pillow, and slippers. These are top quality and come at the meager cost of 2500 yen.

For an additional 500 yen, you can purchase a B-set. It comes with an elegant tote bag perfect for carrying around your belongings. The blanket is vast; This is great because inflight blankets tend to be too small to cover the entire area.

Both A-set and B-set provide excellent value for money. These are worth looking at for those who want more comfort during your flight.

Inflight Service

Zipair is the latest low-cost airline from Japan. Although they don’t get their feet wet to prove their capabilities in the skies, We decided to look carefully at what this brand-new airline can offer.

The service during the flight was minimal since the flight was not leaving the ground. However, despite this, the staff on the plane were incredibly accommodating and friendly. They were able to answer all our questions swiftly and efficiently.

The seating arrangements on the plane are designed so that crew members can swiftly help passengers who need it. The seats are large and comfortable, which allows passengers to take a break throughout the flight.

In the end, we are satisfied with the service offered by Zipair. They’ve invested much time in ensuring their passengers have an enjoyable flight. We are looking at what they have to provide for our next flights!

On-time Arrival Rate of Zipair

ZIPAIR has affirmed that they will ensure that passengers have punctual flights. They have succeeded in their promise. The year 2000 saw their punctual arrival rate was a staggering 93.85 percent. This is an incredible feat in any airline and even more so for a budget-friendly one.

Their proactive approach to flight schedules further emphasizes their commitment to punctual arrivals. For instance, their international flights are designed with a substantial buffer to accommodate unavoidable conditions or air traffic concerns.

Furthermore, since ZIPAIR has access only to the airport’s facilities located at Haneda Airport in Tokyo and Kansai Airport in Osaka, it helps ensure that its aircraft always enter and exit airports swiftly and effectively.

Ultimately, ZIPAIR’s dedication to punctuality and proactive approach to scheduling flights has led to a remarkable, reliable, and on-time performance for all airlines. With this rate, we’re sure customers can count on ZIPAIR for an effortless and punctual journey.

Passengers who are on ZIPAIR flights can access the Narita TraveLounge. It’s a cozy and relaxing place to unwind before or after the flight. The lounge is located close to Gate 26; after passport control, the lounge provides beverages such as coffee and soft drinks for no cost. Alcoholic drinks are available to purchase from the bar.

The lounge is equipped with comfy seating areas and power outlets, making it the ideal location to recharge your gadgets in the middle of a long flight. It also provides free WiFi that makes it easy to keep track of your emails or browse travel info while waiting. There’s even a business center with computers that are available to make use of.

For 1,600 yen per head, A lounge is an affordable option for additional amenities before your flight. It is an excellent option for those with long delays, allowing them to relax in a tranquil setting until their flight leaves. If you’re looking to work or relax from the hustle and bustle, the NaritaTraveLounge is an excellent option.

Current Flight Routes of Zipair

Five destinations are currently provided from their base located at Narita International Airport; ZIPAIR is fast becoming a top option for travelers on a budget flying from Tokyo. For those looking for a short weekend escape or a longer journey, ZIPAIR offers flights to several exciting destinations in the Tokyo region.

ZIPAIR offers routes between Tokyo from Tokyo to Seoul, Bangkok, Singapore, Honolulu (Hawaii), and Los Angeles. If you are seeking a low-cost flight to Tokyo, ZIPAIR may be the ideal choice since it is among the few airlines with a budget that takes flights from Tokyo to Los Angeles or Hawaii from Tokyo.

Additionally, the airline has announced that they plan to provide services from Tokyo to Taiwan’s Taiwanese capital city, Taipei, shortly, and travelers can anticipate even more possibilities.

Overall, the range of destinations ZIPAIR offers is an excellent opportunity for budget-conscious travelers to experience several exciting cities. With plans to expand the network to other destinations soon, ZIPAIR looks set to become a more sought-after option for travelers on a budget departing from Tokyo.

Payment Methods

The payment methods are straightforward and straightforward for anyone seeking to book a flight through Zipair. Zipair accepts many payment options like credit cards, convenience stores, bank transfers, and QR code-based payments.

Credit card: If you are booking your flights, you can pay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club International, JCB, or UnionPay credit cards to pay.

Convenience Store Payments: For those without credit cards, You can pay from any store that sells convenience items in Japan, like Lawson, Family Mart, Seven-Eleven, or Ministop.

Bank transfer: You can also pay for transactions with your online bank account.

QR Code for Payments: You can make payments with your smartphone using the QR codes on the page for price.

The payment process is safe and straightforward to complete. Once your payment is accepted, you will get an email confirmation of the flight information.

Is Zipair Airline Worth It?

Zipair is Japan’s most recent budget airline with low-cost fares and top-quality services. Zipair has rapidly become an increasingly popular option for international and domestic travel.

If you’re considering booking a flight with Zipair, there are a few factors to consider. First, the economy class seats offered by Zipair are comfortable, with ample legroom and reclined seats. Although the seats might not appear as luxurious as some other airlines, they’re comfortable and offer a pleasant flight.

Alongside economy, Zipair also offers a “lie flat” business class option that is incredibly cheap compared to other airlines.

This lets you enjoy your flight with luxury without spending a fortune. In addition, the onboard entertainment options are extensive and include the latest films, television shows, music, and games.

In terms of food options, Zipair provides comprehensive selection options of meals that are hot, snack items, and beverages. Zipair offers a variety of amenities like blankets, pillows, eye masks, pillows, and earplugs. The staff is friendly and attentive for in-flight assistance and ensures passengers are provided with everything they require.

Zipair is also known for its impressive punctual arrival rate and pay-per-use lounge access at some airports. The current routes serve all essential cities in Japan and select destinations in North America, Europe, and Asia.

So what do you think? Is Zipair Airlines worth it? In our opinion, absolutely! Zipair provides excellent value for money, with affordable fares, comfortable seats, and top service during flights. Their current routes are a good choice for international and domestic travel. Zipair should be a look when searching for a low-cost airline to travel with!

Zipair Best Alternatives

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The Verdict

From their meticulously designed onboard amenities to their budget-friendly but comfortable flights, it’s simple to see that ZIPAIR has carefully analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of other airlines.

If you’re searching for an affordable flight from Tokyo or prefer a more comfortable experience with a bit more money, ZIPAIR has you covered. Visit the website of ZIPAIR for additional details and deals, and be ready to travel your world using ZIPAIR!

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