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Woxer vs. TomboyX Review – Must Read This Before Buying

About Woxer

It’s no mystery that girls love how men’s boxers sense. They’re roomier, offer extra coverage, and from time to time, experience greater reality. Woxer ended up founded by way of Alexandra Fuente in Miami in 2019 with the project to offer women extra alternatives at the same time as it got here to lingerie.

The fact approximately guys’s underwear is that they’re made for the male anatomy. Even even though they’re still as an alternative snug for the ones with out the additives to fill them, the common pair may be wedgie-inducing manner to all of the more material. Woxers were advanced for the girl form, designed to make girls experience actual of their private pores and pores and skin without compromising consolation.

Manufacturing its undies in Peru, Woxer makes use of sustainable materials like Modal and Pima cotton to make its easy sort of boxers and bras.

About TomboyX

Like Woxer, TomboyX makes boxer briefs for the female anatomy, best this emblem’s undertaking is to create underwear for everyone. That’s why you’ll discover sizes 3XS-6X in its lineup, alongside styles which might be more traditionally female, consisting of length panties and thongs.

TomboyX turn out to be primarily based in 2012 by means of partners Fran Dunaway and Naomi Gonzalez who desired to fill a void within the marketplace, reconfiguring the male boxer and putting off the excess fabric not required for the lady parent. The logo’s boxers and underwear provide a streamlined silhouette that lays flat under garb, designed in the emblem’s Seattle HQ but made in China.

When it comes to underwear, selecting the right pair includes more than really deciding on a style that looks correct. Modern producers mirror the needs of society, and inside the case of each of those corporations, inclusivitysustainability, and comfort are at the leading edge of what they do.

This Woxer vs TomboyX review will placed the ones admirable manufacturers to the take a look at in a pleasant head-to-head competition. We’ll flush out the differences and help you pick out the best that’s right for you.

Before we get matters rolling, we’ve put together a touch pre-list of topics you can want to take into account while making your final choice. You’ll discover that every one below.

What to Consider

Product Range

If you got here right here looking for boxers, then you definitely’re all set. Both of these manufacturers have a pleasing array of picks. TomboyX seems to have extra in terms of selection despite the fact that, and also you’ll find the entirety from thongs to nine” Boxer Briefs in its collection, collectively with a few extremely good styles of bras.

TomboyX is composed of each masculine and feminine styles, whilst Woxer best offers the ones which might be traditionally masculine. Woxer’s series is a hint more streamlined too, providing only boxer briefs of various lengths further to 2 bras.

Target Audience

Our featured producers are the maximum specific with regards to this magnificence—and that may be visible in every of their product degrees. Woxer’s collection is all approximately boxer briefs, leaving out the more traditionally female underclothes that TomboyX makes.

During this Woxer vs TomboyX review, we determined that the latter brand’s venture is to make underwear for all of us, and which means of all genders, sizes, ethnicities, and shapes. Woxer does one issue and does it well, but its audience is ladies who revel in the feeling of boxers.

Design and Durability

Whether you’re seeking out traditional colours or wild prints, both organizations have you ever included to some diploma. Hands down, TomboyX has greater fun patterns and hues. Woxer has some cool ones too, however if it’s playful undies you’re searching out, TomboyX is your guy.

Woxer’s designs appear like sleeker and extra seamless, while TomboyX looks a little extra like conventional men’s boxers. As for durability, the latter emblem’s underclothes seems to have a thicker fabric too, and we’ve examine evaluations that neither shrink or put on down in the wash without troubles.


Both of those producers care about sustainability. For those that need to be kind to our planet inside the whole factor they do (or buy), you’ll discover that one organisation does a little extra on this regard.

Woxer chooses sustainably-sourced material for its boxers, at the same time as TomboyX goes some steps in addition. With this logo, you’ll find greater facts about its production, substances, and packaging, all of which are pushing for added renewable materials and plenty much less waste.


You can discover each brands’ underwear on Amazon, but in trendy, TomboyX is the more reachable logo. Sold in stores like Nordstrom too, you have a higher chance of finding the logo out and approximately than you’ll Woxer.

With that stated, both deliver round the arena and are to be had to all and sundry who wants to order on-line. Their expenses are comparable however Woxer’s are slightly lower.

Woxer Baller Cosmic vs TomboyX 6” Fly Boxer Briefs – Waverider Print Review

Men’s boxers are baggy in the crotch and often in the legs. They’re made for guys’s our bodies, so of course they might be, but their coverage and luxury are an lousy lot extra interesting than widespread ladies’s panties. This section of our Woxer vs TomboyX assessment will examine every of our featured producers’ signature patterns.

The Woxer Baller Cosmic lays flat and hugs curves, giving you the equal form of feeling as boxers do, besides for the reality the ones ones feel like they’re made for you—because of the reality they’re. Breathable, slight, and stretchy, this pair is made from sustainable modal fabric that comes from beech timber.

They wick away moisture to hold you snug and clean, and the five” inseam is the proper wholesome for dresses and skirts but flat enough to be worn below denims. With a microfiber waistband that received’t roll, you may forget about approximately you’re even sporting underwear. Pick up a pair in S-3X for $18.

  • Made from sustainable fabric
  • Lightweight, breathable
  • Wicks away moisture
  • Short enough to be worn under skirts
  • Lays flat
  • Waistband won’t roll
  • Inclusive sizest

The TomboyX 6” Fly Boxer Briefs – Waverider Print is a laugh however masculine, including a three-button fake-fly at the the front for a conventional boxer sense. Made from gentle cotton, they’re breathable, stretchy, and keep you cool and at ease at some level in the day.

They even function what the brand calls its “signature stay-positioned silky gentle waistband”—in distinctive phrases, they’ll live in place without uncomfortably digging in. You can get a couple in sizes XS-4X for $27.

  • Attractive print & fly information
  • Made from Oeko-Tex licensed cotton
  • Inclusive sizing
  • Waistband gained’t roll
  • Convenient duration

TomboyX has the extra steeply-priced pair, but they’ve moreover had been given more detailing. We love the look of both, with Woxer’s mendacity first-rate flat in opposition to the skin for an ultra-flattering look. Overall, TomboyX appears to be the funner preference with extra patterns and cool sunglasses—but now not all people is into that.

Either choice goes to be light-weight and breathable, so your choose may be approximately cloth safety certifications or moisture-wicking material. There’s virtually no wrong desire right here.

Woxer Boss Black 2.Zero vs TomboyX Racerback Soft Bra – Gone Fishing Print Review

Underwire bras can suck—no longer all people dreams their boobs pushed up, but that doesn’t imply we will all pass with out help. Woxer Boss Black 2.Zero is outstanding for any hobby, its modal fabric wicking away moisture and supporting you live sparkling all day. It’s stretchy, provides light assist, and may transition seamlessly from paintings to play.

Featured right here in flexible black, you’ll get a traditional racerback fashion that gained’t lessen inside the wash. Get it in sizes S-3X for $32.

  • Breathable & moisture-wicking
  • Won’t reduce again in the wash
  • Made from sustainable cloth
  • Comes in inclusive sizing

If you’d as an alternative a bra with a bit more pizzazz, the TomboyX Racerback Soft Bra – Gone Fishing Print is proper right here to delight. In a soft blue and purple layout with an series of fishies, you’ll get the same snug match and revel in that the emblem’s underclothes gives way to the lovely functions of cotton.

With a racer-again style, you’ll get light useful resource without underwire or padding so that you can simply experience such as you. Feel the distinction with this mild bra in sizes XS-6X for $32.

  • Oeko-Tex certified cotton
  • Soft and breathable
  • Inclusive sizing

One is available in black, the other in a print. Judging with the useful resource of the appears of every bra, TomboyX can be softer in phrases of its guide band, this means that that Woxer can be greater supportive. The latter also has a smaller form of sizes (although it’s nevertheless a significant range) but moreover uses a material that can be better perfect for sports.

Woxer Stud Star vs TomboyX four.Five” Trunks – Black Review

Trunks are adorable and sassy, although they have got the popularity of riding up. They’re cherished due to the fact they offer more insurance than a brief however are shorter than a boxer brief. Up next in this Woxer vs TomboyX evaluate, we’ll observe the logo’s comparable trunk styles.

Woxer promises its trunks acquired’t revel in up, staying in area all day without slowly making their manner up into wedgie territory. With a three” inseam, the Stud Star boxers are mild and sweet, made from modal in a cool gray coloration with a black waistband.

They in form below short skirts and clothes and lay flat below tight get dressed pants, the waistband mendacity quite genuinely too with out rolling down thru your night time. Breathable and moisture-wicking Stud Star is seamless and received’t shrink or fade. Get. Pair in sizes S-3X for $18.

  • Made from sustainable modal
  • Non-rolling waistband
  • Seamless
  • Breathable & lightweight
  • Inclusive sizing
  • Available in distinctive sun shades/patterns

TomboyX 4.Five” Trunks – Black have a similar look although they’re best a tad shorter than their competitor. Featured proper right here in robust black, you’ll get masses of wiggle room and a easy cotton fabric that movements with you via your day.

The stay-positioned waistband in no manner rolls, and in sizable, this pair has a artful look, the black fabric closer to a sparkly, satin-searching waistband. With flatlock seams, the ones trunks received’t reason chafing, and you may get them in sizes XS-6X. Grab a pair for $25.

  • Oeko-Tex licensed cotton
  • Stay-placed waistband
  • Flatlock seams
  • Inclusive sizing
  • Available in a ton of other colours/patterns

The biggest differences between those pairs are the inseam duration and materials used. They each are gentle and stay in vicinity, even though it looks like Woxer can also lay flatter underneath tight apparel than TomboyX will. One is a touch extra high-priced than the opposite, however that may be the Oeko-Tex certification getting into play.

Woxer vs TomboyX: Quality

How a product is made is without a doubt as vital as why it’s made. Both Woxer and TomboyX have notable reasons for developing their merchandise, seeing the want for boxers that healthy a girl’s discern for comfort and authenticity.

While we applaud each companies for the why, it’s essential that this Woxer vs TomboyX assessment look at the “how’s” and “who’s” of every to get a feel for their person degrees of awesome. We’ll kick subjects off with Woxer.

Woxer uses a material called Lenzing Modal for its boxers—a material crafted from sustainably harvested beechwood wood. Using tons less water and strength than everyday material like polyester and cotton, it’s also more breathable than cotton, that means it’s perfect for underwear, and specifically ladies’s underwear.

When the brand doesn’t use Lenzing Modal, it chooses Peruvian Pima cotton, a cloth that’s acknowledged to be the arena’s satisfactory Pima, cherished for its sturdiness and softness. Hypoallergenic and absorbent, it’s a without a doubt best preference for underclothes. All of Woxer’s manufacturing is carried out in Peru.

How approximately TomboyX? Starting out making its undies in a small facility in Vancouver, due to upscale manufacturing, the logo moved manufacturing to China but began up generating its swimming wear in Colombia.

If you’re at the fence about purchasing for from a emblem that does commercial enterprise in China, it’s not definitely truthful to blanket all the united states of the united states’s factories as unjust and criminal. There are some notably professional employees there and organizations that pay their employees nicely. Those are those this logo works with.

TomboyX has stated that it attempts to be sustainable as a lot as viable by using selecting delivery chains with top hard work practices and low waste manufacturing.

Using an anti-microbial coating for its swimming equipment made from discarded (and manifestly cleansed) crab shells, the emblem allows cut down on waste and pushes for a greater sustainable future.

In addition to choosing sustainable materials and factories, TomboyX selected recyclable cardboard packaging and reusable and biodegradable product baggage.

Is one corporation of better notable than the opposite? There appears to be more statistics approximately TomboyX online, but that can be because it’s been round longer.

Both deciding on to apply sustainable materials, TomboyX moreover looks to push greater for sustainability in the course of its production and delivery, but Woxer is genuinely attempting too.

Woxer vs TomboyX: Price & Value

What you see isn’t constantly what you get, and occasionally, you get extra than meets the attention. At a glance, Woxer’s and TomboyX’s intimates appearance desirable—there’s no denying that reality, and that on my own offers them price.

But add in the nice of materials, how they’re produced, and what the brand is like, and cost can each get better or stay the equal. Before we dive into the cost of each brand, this Woxer vs TomboyX assessment will study prices for some of its first-class-promoting products. We’ll start with Woxer.

  • Boss (bra): $32
  • Baller: $18
  • Stud: $18

Woxer’s fee is available in some tactics, the primary could be its subscription software. Helping customers get preserved in their desired pairs on a regular foundation for a decreased charge holds charge (and of path attraction). But of direction, consumers wouldn’tthe see cost in a subscription if the products themselves wertely worth getting, and consistent with customers, they honestly are.

Buyers say that Woxer underwear is extraordinaryfits properly, and feels amazing on their bodies. We didn’t run into any comments about pain with this brand, and because of this, it has an outstanding layout that works for all sizes.

And talking of sizes, their inclusive sort of S-3also X is critical in the price equ,atoo, on the facet of ethical manufacturinge of sustainable materials. Overall, what you get from Woxer for the price is outstanding, specificconsideringabout subscr,ibing individto uals get 23% off.

So allow’s test out costs for some of TomboyX’s merchandise to look how they evaluate. Here are a number ofsatisfactory dealersalers:

  • Racerback Soft Bra: $27
  • 6” Boxer Briefs: $27-$34
  • Boy Shorts: $20

Now, you may have observed that its undies’s fees are approximately $9-$sixteen higher than Woxers. Usually, better expenses suggest better value. We’ll check what you get with a single pair to look if that’s authentic.

Just like WoxerTomboyX uses sustainable materials but manufactures its undies in China. A u . S . That’s generally related to unfair difficult work, the emblem assures us that those it companions with are run through women, pay their humans trustworthy wages, and function outstanding working situations. Production for the brand’s swimming gear is now based totally in Colombia.

By a protracted manner, TomboyX is the larger and better-mentioned brand, so it’s now not sudden that because it grew, it needed to discover a producer that might manage the call for.

Most of its merchandise are also licensed Standard 100 with the resource of Oeko-Tex (for fabric protection) and this little, well, honestly big reality gives this brand excessive charge. When you’re handling products that take a seat right subsequent on your delicate elements, the more secure the better.

Along with ethical and safe production, TomboyX gives a larger style of sizes, a few underclothes ranging from 3XS-6X. This fact again builds charge.

Would we are pronouncing one brand has more rate than the alternative? There appears to be more statistics about TomboyX on-line and that may be because it’s the older emblem. It’s had greater time to type out what works and what doesn’t, however in spite of that in thoughts, we assume Woxer is doing an superb activity.

Woxer vs. TomboyX Review - Must Read This Before Buying

Woxer vs TomboyX: What Do Customers Think?

We ought to speak all day about what those two producers look like from behind a display display screen, however if we actually need to apprehend what a product is like, the high-quality region to appearance is in the comments.

Up subsequent, this Woxer vs TomboyX evaluation will display you what we decided after a touch digging. We’ll begin with a few ratings for Woxer.

  • Woxer.Com—Baller five” Black: a median of 4.6/5 stars from 2,353 critiques
  • Amazon—Baller five”: a mean of 4.6/five stars from 814 critiques
  • Find This Best: an average of 4.6/five stars from 91 critiques

The scores that we discovered for Woxer are all of the equal. That’s a first-rate sign that they’re real. So what do oldsters consider the brand in popular? After searching through opinions and feedback online, we got here throughout some common bits of feedback. Those who have presented the emblem assume its underclothes is:

  • Very snug and seems like wearing nothing
  • High-excellent and smooth
  • Durable and lengthy-lasting/ have waistbands that don’t supply out

Reviews are comparable for TomboyX. Before we get into the comments, permit’s test out its scores:

  • TomboyX.Com—6” Fly Black: an average of five/5 stars from 1,986 reviews
  • Amazon—6” Boy Shorts: a mean of four.7/5 stars from 146 evaluations
  • Nordstrom—9” Fly Boxer Brief: a median of 5/5 stars from 5 evaluations

As for comments, there’s sincerely a community vibe approximately TomboyX, and people who purchase its undies become part of the team—notwithstanding the fact that we suppose this inclusive emblem could accent absolutely everyone and every person regardless. Some common remarks consist of:

  • Underwear is wonderful nice
  • People love the styles/colorings
  • Material is smooth and mild-weight

In vast, comments for each of the brand’s underwear specific gratitude for the manner its boxers are constructed, wholesome, and experience. Though TomboyX’s rankings are slightly better, Woxer’s are just as remarkable considering the employer is actually over years vintage.

Woxer vs TomboyX: Promotions & Discounts

Discounts are one of the exceptional topics approximately on line shopping for. They’re a notable way to draw new sales and most possibly, you may expect to discover as a minimum a few kicking around a brand’s website. This part of our Woxer vs TomboyX overview is devoted to gives and beneath, you’ll see what we observed after combing via their net sites.

  • Subscribe to keep 23% and get unfastened transport
  • Free US shipping & returns
  • Free worldwide transport for orders over $one hundred fifty
  • Rewards Program
  • 25% off choose prints (thru Jan 7 first-class)
  • Student, Teacher, and Medical cut price
  • Sale section
  • Free favored shipping

Alright, so this listing is a chunk bottom-heavy, however it makes revel in considering how prolonged TomboyX has been round. Based on its current sale, maximum likely, this emblem may even hold distinct annual income. Its year-spherical reductions for commonplace buyers, students, and teachers are a big draw as well. It looks as if regardless of while you keep, there’s probably a manner to shop some cash.

With that stated, usual, Woxer’s costs are decrease, and if you subscribe, you’d be getting a couple of undies for half of the price of what their competitor’s cost. Free delivery and returns are offers that shouldn’t be handed up each, and we admire that this brand offers a free global shipping option as well.

Woxer vs TomboyX: Shipping & Returns

You’re likely reading this Woxer vs Tomboy evaluate due to the reality you’re interested by ordering a couple of underclothes on-line.

If that’s the case, then it’s essential to get the gist of what every logo’s delivery insurance is like surely so you understand what to anticipate while it’s time to hit the digital checkout counter. We’ll try this on this part of our Woxer vs TomboyX assessment.

So what’s it like to order from Woxer? There aren’t any bad delivery critiques we noticed on-line, it looks to be smooth crusing. Here are the basics of the brand’s transport coverage:

  • Ships around the sector
  • Offers shipping to P.O. Boxes & military places
  • US orders are shipped without spending a dime
  • Orders over $99 to Canada qualify for free transport
  • All exclusive orders over $one hundred and fifty are shipped absolutely loose

Woxer additionally gives risk-unfastened returns and a a hundred% Love Guarantee that guarantees that you’ll like your new undies or they’ll make it proper. There’s no time frame that you need to make your go back by, you get in touch with their crew any time. 

TomboyX is a bit one-of-a-type. Its go back insurance allows customers forty five days to decide inside the occasion that they’d want to keep their undies. The emblem reminds folks even though that they need to strive on the undies over special underwear, once you placed them on with out, you could no longer deliver them once more for apparent hygiene motives. Here’s what to anticipate:

  • Discreet packaging
  • International delivery
  • Ships from Nevada
  • Free US Standard delivery

As a bigger logo, it makes experience that we discovered one or two opinions approximately slow or absent shipments, however there weren’t enough to elevate any red flags.

Overall, the ones corporations seem to have reliable transport, though we understand Woxer’s unfastened global delivery options as nicely, as transport to different nations can get highly-priced.

Who Will You Shop With?

We’ve reached the cease of this Woxer vs TomboyX examine. To be sincere, every of these manufacturers have terrific merchandise and are subsidized with the aid of terrific people searching for to inspire alternate and unfold equality.

Though that’s right, they’re pretty unique even as you get into the high-quality information. And in spite of the truth that they each use sustainable substances and characteristic ethical manufacturing, what fabric they use and wherein they manufacture are one-of-a-type, and your choice may additionally come all of the way right down to one among preference, no longer brilliant.

So which one is the right logo for you? Well, allow’s perform a touch recap proper right here. Woxer is the greater latest company and uses a material crafted from beechwood bushes for its undies referred to as Lenzing Modal. If you live within the US, you’ll get loose shipping and returns, together with the choice to subscribe to shop cash.

Woxer is the much less highly-priced brand, however its scores are barely decrease (even though despite the fact that high-quality) than TomboyX that may be a famous emblem with some extra miles under its feet.

Over time, TomboyX has created a network surroundings round its underwear and has a larger choice to pick out from with pretty various styles, hues, and patterns.

It’s definitely the more expressive emblem and makes use of a similarly sustainable cloth to its competitor, Pima cotton, ; it’s it’s Oeko-Tex certified for safety.

Around longer than WoxerTomboyX is the higher-mentioned logo with greater discounts, but in phrases of amazing, it appears to have methealthfulnessthful.

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