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Scentbird vs Scentbox Review – Must Read This Before Buying

We’ve all heard of a signature scent, a marriage scent, or a holiday scent… but what about a subscription fragrance? I’m speaking to me approximately the ideal manner to find the perfume or cologne you’ve been trying to find or help with switching your scents up occasionally. 

About Scentbird And Scentbox

In this Scentbird vs. Scentbox assessment, I’ll cover the pleasant fragrance subscription bins so you can up your fragrance undertaking.

Scentbird was became based in 2013 with the aid of 3 buddies: Mariya Nurislamova, Sergei Gusev, and Andrei Rebrov. The trio started the logo as a marketplace for mini variations of all of the best fragrances, supplying customers with a manner to shop for their faves without committing to (and dropping) substantial bottles. 

Based in NYC, the emblem is on a challenge to help customers test and feature amusing.

Scentbox was modified based in SoCal in 2016 through the way of brothers Craig and Les Dualba, who loved steeply-priced colognes but hated how steeply-priced it modified into to test out new fragrances. So, they decided to make bigger, low-cost ways to strive for scents without buying an entire bottle. But, if you grow to love a fragrance, you may constantly buy the full size straight away from the internet website. 

Not sure wherein to start? Down below, my Scentbird vs. Scentbox evaluation will inform you the entirety you want to apprehend about each brand, taking into consideration how they work, what type of subscription plans they provide, client testimonials, promo codes, and more, that will help you determine which one is worth the subscription.

What To Consider

This Scentbird vs. Scentbox assessment knows you’ve got plenty to your mind on selecting a subscription provider. To help make your choice less complicated, I’ll damage down all the belongings you want to maintain in thoughts—which would likely assist in making clear which brand is the proper one for you. 

Target Audience

These fragrance subscription plans are ideal for perfume lovers. If you need to replace topics often, particularly if fragrances are linked to recollections for you, those producers will send you a present-day one monthly!


Scentbird gives scents that can be decided on based mostly on the client’s solutions to their questionnaire; at the same time, clients can pick out which one they’d like to strive for from the monthly lineup of scents for both manufacturers. 


The plans also can be canceled without problems, even if you’d want to take damage. However, the handiest Scentbird allows bypassing a few months without canceling.

Product Range

Gourmand, highly spiced, floral, sweet—these are only some of the awesome scents you’ll discover in either of those subscription containers. Both organizations provide fashion designer manufacturers so that you can look at the superb of the first-rate, with some newer options sprinkled all through. 


Shoppers can enroll in either brand directly from their websites. Both provide great reasonably-priced month-to-month bills, particularly for fashion designer perfumes. 

Scentbird Vs. Scentbox: How Do They Work? 

There’s no way of patterning a scent you buy online earlier than genuinely trying it out in character. That’s what those subscription plans are for: they offer an easy manner to pattern fragrances, transfer your daily alternatives, and always have a state-of-the-art scent to strive out. This Scentbird vs. Scentbox assessment will let you know how the two agencies perform.

Every month, consumers can select a fragrance from Scentbird’s listing of best sellers or an entire catalog of fine manufacturers after subscribing. The first scent is available in a refillable spray bottle that the glass fragrance refills slip in and out of, further to a case to keep refills in. Each 8ml comes with a hundred and forty spritzes and should be ultimate until the following order arrives.

Scentbox follows a similar protocol. Shoppers may be capable of picking a heady scent out of over 850 style designer fragrances each month. Then, the brand ships a 30-day delivery (a few sprays a day) in a sleek refillable spray bottle and cute subject. 

Overall, every producer’s subscription plans are pretty customizable because buyers can choose the scent they want. Plus, the free refillable tubes with the number one buy make the refills look exceptional, cute, and adventurous without problems for your bag or pocket. 

All in all, they’re quite similar in how they work. However, there’s nonetheless plenty to keep in mind. So maintain analyzing this Scentbird vs. Scentbox examination to discover more!

Scentbird Vs. Scentbox: Subscription Plans  

When you’re deciding on your subscription plan, the high-quality option is the one that suits your way of life greatScentbird presently has one plan, while Scentbox offers two. Below, I’ll explain how to subscribe and tell you a bit about what the only-of-a-kind subscriptions entail. 

Scentbird’s subscription field comes with one free perfume a month, and buyers can pick out about 500 particular alternatives for $16 a month. 

Here’s the manner to get begun:

  1. Start with the quiz, filling out which types of scents you pick
  2. Next, you’ll be able to see your heady scent profile (the effects of your quiz)
  3. Shop for recommended perfumes 
  4. Fill out your statistics
  5. Start receiving scents month-to-month

Scentbox operates further, even though they provide two month-to-month plans. Customers will acquire one or more scents with each plan every month (depending on how many they pick). With the same old plan, shoppers get admission to 500 fragrances for $15-$25, even as the top elegance plan offers admission to over 850 alternatives for $20-$33

Here’s the way to get started:

  1. Choose whether or not you’d like one or two fragrances month-to-month
  2. Choose the plan you want
  3. Browse the fragrances and choose your faves
  4. Enter your data 
  5. Receive new scents each month

With each alternative, customers can cancel at any time. Scentbird permits customers to pass months, which may be high-quality for folks that use fragrance less often and haven’t finished using their objects yet. Remember that if you find a heady scent you love, you can maintain it on both net sites for the big bottle. 

If you want to check out a few new fragrances, either brand offers many options. Still, Scentbird is a chunk more customizable, thinking that their questionnaire highlights a number of the most suitable fragrances for, without a doubt, anyone. However, if you’d like extra alternatives, Scentbox’s premium subscription is the way to move.

Scentbird Vs. Scentbox: Gift Subscriptions  

Perfumes and colognes are conventional items, but you might not constantly comprehend which is the proper choice. Luckily, Scentbird and Scentbox each offer gift subscriptions, so the recipient can test out a few new scents and pick out their faves

For the Scentbird gift subscription, there are three subscription alternatives:

  • Three months for $40, four 
  • Six months for $80 4
  • one year for $140, four 

The scents will deliver without charge to the recipient month-to-month, and they’ll get the preserve of a loose reusable perfume case with their first delivery. All you need to do is select the plan, purchase it, and fill out their e-mail cope with so the emblem can ship the present their manner! 

Scentbox gives a similar gift subscription with free transport, in which recipients can pick one perfume from a listing of 575 month-to-month for three months to a year. 

Here’s a breakdown of the three subscription options: 

  • Three months for $ forty-five
  • Six months for $ eighty-five
  • twelve months for $one hundred sixty

Overall, the two gifting alternatives are quite comparableScentbird is greater low priced for the yr-long subscription. But, Scentbox does appear to offer extra fragrances for the recipient to pick out from, that is right if you’re looking for a fantastic choosy person!

Scentbird Vs Scentbox: Price & Value

This Scentbird vs. Scentbox examination observed that both manufacturers price around $15 for one new fragrance a month (plus the adventure box within the first month). The fee for the fee can technically trade depending on the perfume the consumer chooses, but the customization makes those subscriptions so exquisite.

With each subscription, users will locate 8ml bottles with equal sprays (or a one-month delivery). Plus, there are frequent discounts if clients identify to shop for a sizeable bottle of perfume, so they can try out many, after which they select the perfume they want for a lesser price!

While the two manufacturers are quite comparable regarding fee and value, Scentbox is the better choice for customers who want multiple heady scents monthly. The second fragrance charges the simplest spherical $10 extra, saving you $five. So if you’re best looking for one scent a month, strive out Scentbird

Scentbird vs Scentbox Review - Must Read This Before Buying

Scentbird Vs. Scentbox: What Do Customers Think?  

To help this Scentbird vs. Scentbox evaluate which emblem is worth the acquisition, I determined to check testimonials on Influenster, Sitejabber, and Reddit.

Overall, I discovered extra reviews for Scentbird, which makes the experience as it has been around for a few more years. But how do they stack up toward every unique? Let’s find out.

On Influenster, Scentbird has a four.Four/five stars score based mostly on 2724 evaluations. Alternatively, Scentbox received the same 4.4/5 stars score, primarily based totally on a smaller pool of 91 reviews. 

Both brands additionally received similar ratings on Sitejabber: Scentbird has a three.Nine/5 stars score based on 634 evaluations, and Scentbox has a 4—eight/five stars score based on four ratings.

Now permit’s check out what customers have to say about the brands. Here is a little feedback I determined online.  


  • Plenty of designer fragrances to pick from
  • The scent quiz provides accurate effects and is straightforward to retake (if you need new scents)
  • Super available and reasonably-priced
  • Great for gifting
  • Unisex fragrances
  • The product lasts until the next subscription shipment or longer

One consumer summarizes the experiences of many in their evaluation: “A small sample is brilliant for a couple of days, but attempting perfume for a couple of weeks facilitates me decide on whether or now or not to shop for an entire-sized bottle. Scentbird has an incredible choice at amazing subscription prices!”


  • Wide kinds of scents from pinnacle manufacturers 
  • It helps buyers discover new scents
  • Easy-to-use website
  • Fragrances for men and women
  • Lots of products in each bottle
  • 500-850+ fashion designer fragrances to select out from
  • Ideal for sharing with buddies if you opt for fragrances a month

A client describes all their fave matters about the logo, mainly its affordability: “I love scent field!!! I want to odor true, but purchasing fragrance can be expensive, especially while you’re first-class going based totally on a pattern. I love that I can PICK the fragrances despatched to me and pinnacle magnificence ones! I can combo and in form without breaking the bank.”

There appears to be some frustration with the cancellation recommendations for each bin. While the way is simple in idea, now and again, it’s uncertain while buyers need to cancel so that you can forestall the subsequent month’s cargo. Also, a few customers aren’t continually in love with the scents they acquire, but contacting the logo is an extremely good way to solve that problem!

Both manufacturers maintain superb scores, with consumers commending the goods and basic agency layout. The merchandise is worth the price, considering they’re regularly luxurious fashion designer fragrances. And, more regularly than not, customers love the scents endorsed to them and pick out to present them because they love their private experience so much.

A patron on Reddit virtually contrasts the two producers and sums subjects properly, citing that they may be “both superb for various things.” This Scentbird vs. Scentbox overview has an equal opinion because they each appear to have similar offerings with considered one-of-a-kind perks, which might depend on what the customer is looking for. Still, I’ll share some final thoughts down below!

Scentbird Vs. Scentbox: Promotions & Discounts

Promos and discounts can play a huge function in supporting you in picking out an emblem. To help you decide which brand to pick out, this Scentbird vs. Scentbox assessment sourced a few gives that might assist you in making that choice. I determined that Scentbird offers customers 50% off their first month, while Scentbox gives forty% off the number one month.

There don’t seem to be any promotional gives for each manufacturer frequently, but make certain to preserve your eyes peeled around the holidays in case they provide any! Scentbox does presently provide a better deal upon signing up. However, you may continuously attempt each subscription for two great deals!

Scentbird Vs. Scentbox: Shipping & Returns 

Before I conclude, this Scentbird vs. Scentbox evaluation will fill you in on transport and returns details. Both brands provide loose delivery, but there’s a touch extra to it that could impact your choice!

With Scentbird, orders are shipped within 10-12 days after the order has been placed (or the perfume has been decided on month-to-month). Once shipped, clients can music their order with the information inside the affirmation e-mail. Items can not be exchanged. However, returns can be made within 30 days if the fragrance has been broken. 

Scentbox ships on the seventh, 14th, twenty-first, and twenty-eighth of every month, so your subject will deliver depending on if you have subscribed. Once shipped, the order must arrive interior 7-10 industrial corporation days and may be tracked while clients log into their debts online. 

Plus, customers are legal for one free trade in keeping with a month, with five exchanges in a 12-month length (as long as approximately ninety% of the product is left). Full-size bottles can be lowered again within 30 days, despite the consumer being answerable for go lower back delivery.

Ultimately, the two brands provide fast and tracked delivery; this is a selected seasoned. But, if you’re not a hundred% positive about every fragrance desire, Scentbox might be the better preference seeing that exchanges may be made. 

While Scentbird doesn’t offer a trade policy, there can be fewer times when the purchaser doesn’t love the scent because the consequences of the quiz are pretty accurate!

Who Will You Shop With?

All matters considered, each manufacturer offers an enormous kind of low value. These trial-length fragrances allow clients to try scents out earlier than they buy them (or preserve attempting). 

This Scentbird vs. Scentbox evaluation additionally appreciates the gifting options because fragrances have been an extended-cherished present. Plus, the truth that the recipient can pick their fave scents provides an amusing and private contact to the present.

Both subscriptions are low-cost—no matter that Scentbox gives a few greater options—that’s right for customers seeking to proportion their subscription with a pal or strive out more monthly fragrances. 

However, Scentbird gives a piece greater room for personalization with a quiz that selects high-quality fragrances for the person so they don’t have to sift thru all 500 options at once.

Each manufacturer provides subscriptions that make attempting out new perfumes a laugh, clean, and low-price.

So whether or not or no longer you’re on the hunt for a cutting-edge pass-to fragrance or a scent to make reminiscences in, you’ll find your selection with either of these brands. At the cease of this Scentbird vs. Scentbox examination, I have one query: which one will you test out first?

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