You are currently viewing Nioxin Shampoo Reviews – Is It Legit Or Scam?

Nioxin Shampoo Reviews – Is It Legit Or Scam?

About Nioxin Shampoo

Nioxin is a brand that specializes in growing custom-designed treatments for alopecia and hair thinning. They formulate answers for guys, girls, or even young adults tired of pulling out their difficult strands and scratching itchy scalps.

Nioxin boasted a high-quality following of forty nine.8K on Instagram and obtained the Stylist Choice Award for their trailblazing hair care products for the sixteenth consecutive yr. Nioxin has additionally attracted interest from many media retailers, together with Hello! Mag, Allure, Forbes, and Bustle.

Are you looking to infuse some lifestyles back into your hair? This Nioxin shampoo assessment will take a more in-depth look at the brand, its products, consumer ratings, promotions, and more that will help you decide if their formulas are worth the purchase.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our project is to help you make better, extra knowledgeable purchase selections. Our group spends hours studying, consulting with medical experts, amassing insight from professional experts, reviewing client feedback, and analyzing merchandise to provide you with the facts you need.

Overview of Nioxin

Eva Graham got here across an unexpected problem. After losing most of her hair at some stage in pregnancy, she had no luck finding any possible answers to repair the closing locks to their former glory.

By attending several dermatologist appointments, clinical conventions, or maybe listening to pick-out radio podcasts, Graham quickly noted that “the scalp is honestly an extension of the face: it goals mild ingredients to respire and characteristic effectively.”

Hair loss is a common trouble with psychosocial implications. According to the American Hair Loss Association[1], -thirds of fellows will enjoy hair loss at age 35. On the opportunity hand, a look at[2] in Australia decided that 32% of ladies have a few grades of alopecia. The situation’s occurrence increases with age, and the emotional impact on folks afflicted by it is simple.

survey[3] lately achieved in Nepal among patients with alopecia areata (a form of hair loss) confirmed that 67% of respondents had professional signs and symptoms of despair, and 73% had tension. Fortunately, there are numerous treatment options to save you or lessen hair loss and grow hair boom. While hair care products assist in helping the treatment, a session with a dermatologist is suggested for a correct analysis and recuperation plan.

Speaking of treatment alternatives… With a simple concept and the simplest $500 in seed coins, Graham began experimenting with botanicals and herbs determined at home. Her business enterprise grew fast with the assistance of an expansive network of biologists, chemists, pharmacologists, and dressers.

So, in 1987, Nioxin’s first products arrived at salons using the terms “The Science of Living Hair.”

Nioxin is the first to deliver like-kind cleansers, exfoliants, and anti-growing old substances within their formulas.

With its head office in California, the logo is now available in numerous international locations and remains the pinnacle of ultra-modern technology in hair loss and thinning treatments. 

“Nioxin began with one girl’s choice to make people feel well. Inspired by her experience, Eva Graham made it her life’s task to assist ladies and men in holding their hair” through an assertion by 

Before we get into this Nioxin shampoo evaluation, allow’s move over some initial highlights:


  • A form of product imagined to lessen hair loss and thinning for both women and men 
  • The logo’s formulation used herbal botanicals and herbs to help enhance the hair.
  • All products are free of parabens, sulfates, and colorants. 
  • Systems are separated consistent with the quantity of hair loss and kind (additionally accommodates bleached or colored hair) 
  • Online hair session for customers to apply at the logo’s internet site 
  • The logo affords a plethora of belongings and helpful publications associated with alopecia and hair fitness online. 
  • Positive client reviews

Confidence has a lot to do with the physical look. While it may appear superficial initially, there’s now nothing incorrect with trying to attend to yourself—especially almost about basic skincare and grooming.

Maintaining your hair is a fantastic example, as voluminous, bright locks can do wonders for your temper and standard ego. But for folks bothered by thinning and sluggish loss, don’t throw inside the towel, honestly.

Nioxin has lots of powerful formulas invented for human beings stricken by alopecia. Offered for customers who have natural, colored, or bleached hair, their products are cut up into classes: mild thinning and advanced thinning.

Moving ahead on this Nioxin shampoo evaluation, I’ll introduce you to their bestselling gadgets you may want to test for yourself.

Nioxin Shampoo Reviews - Is It Legit Or Scam?

Nioxin Hair Products Review

The holy trinity of hair care products considers shampoos, conditioners, and go-away-ins. It’s a great detail to apprehend that Nioxin includes all three inside their series focusing on hair loss.

Each formula dreams of unique hair needs and worries. This Nioxin shampoo comparison will test some of their greatest famous gadgets.

For the features of this newsletter, we can high-quality be offering resources that clients can get the right of entry to while buying online.

Nioxin System 1

Extensions and wigs can be visible as quick answers for thinning hair. You may need to investigate Nioxin’s System 1 set for a greater endless possibility.

Containing one bottle of every shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in treatment, this kit is made for people with natural hair who are afflicted with mild thinning

System 1 carries additives that include Salicylic acid, Peppermint oil, and Camellia sinensis Leaf Extract (green tea); salicylic acid[4] is a keratolytic agent that improves dandruff. In animal studies[5], peppermint oil elevated hair increase, dermal thickness, and hair follicle range. A preclinical look at[6] evaluating inexperienced tea results on hair loss found that those animals uncovered to topical green tea professional had extra hair growth than those exposed to 2.5% minoxidil.

As a thickening method, I’ve located that this 3 step regimen is king at reducing breakage and fallout. The shampoo cleanses your scalp of dirt, sebum, and environmental pollution, even as the conditioner is built to offer resilience and hydration from root to tip. 

Offered at Amazon and Ulta Beauty, this Nioxin scalp remedy package expenses $30 overall. 

Nioxin System 2

Hair-clogged combs, dropping on pillows, and an extra seen scalp; are all outcomes of alopecia. While it may seem terrifying initially, I’ve determined there are techniques to save you from taking region. 

This System 2 collection talent a shampoo for purifying, a conditioner for enhancing elasticity, and a leave-in treatment for extra nourishment. This set is maximum like-minded with natural hair with advanced thinning. The device contains elements at the side of peppermint oil, vitamins, botanicals, SPF 15 sunscreen, cysteine, and white tea extract. A recent comparison [7] describes how hair suffers photodamage while uncovered to UV rays, at the side of degradation of hair proteins and discoloration. The use of sunscreen protects the hair cuticle and stops photodamage.

If you aren’t nice if the Nioxin 2 kit is right for you, the brand offers a guide for customers to apply on their internet site. Ready to give this series a try? You can buy the System 2 set at two wonderful fee points:

  • Amazon: $30 
  • Ulta Beauty: $ forty-five 

Nioxin System three

Nothing is more exciting than changing the color of your hair. Pink pastels? Adorable. How about deep emerald green? You’re almost emanating mermaid vibes. While it’s amusing to position on “multiple hats,” your roots and ends.

Over-bleaching and styling can regularly reason gradual hair loss, breakage, and thinning. If you suffer from all three signs and symptoms, applying the System 3 set from Nioxin may be time. It’s mainly formulated for coloration-dealt with hair with slight thinning. This component has many additives like antioxidants, botanicals, nutrients, cystine, white tea extract, and peppermint oil.

This Nioxin 3-step remedy imparts a little energy and elasticity, resulting in a glittery, voluminous body. Thickening even the weakest of strands, the System 3 set is offered at:

  • Amazon: $30 
  • Ulta Beauty: $ forty-five

Nioxin System four

Hands up if you’re responsible for over-dyeing, bleaching, and hair styling. I get it, and it can be an absolute thrill converting the ‘do on occasion—I virtually honestly don’t enjoy myself without a few highlights. But if you locate your locks thinning over time, consider it a caution signal. 

To provide your roots and ends a preventing risk, the System Four set introduces resilience and shine through its components containing nutrients, botanicals, SPF 15 sunscreen, cystine, white tea extract, humectants, and peppermint oil.

For colored treated hair with stepped forward thinning, this 3-step procedure refreshes the scalp, even removing pollution and environmental particles locked away inside the cuticles and roots. 

To go back your locks returned to their healthful state, purchase the System 4 set in one in all ways:

  • Amazon: $30 
  • Ulta Beauty: $ forty-five

Nioxin System 5

Whether you need your hair instantly, curly or wavy, a fee incorporates growing the good look. Even if you’re blessed with salon-like results at domestic, that only sometimes proposes you pass the results.

Bleaching, perming, and each other chemical remedies can cause vulnerable ends and typical breakage. But there’s a way to prevent this, called the System Five set from Nioxin. 

Made for bleached and chemically treated hair that showcases mild thinning, this regimen amplifies structure and flexibility. As it deeply rinses the roots and cuticles, this bundle offers moisture stability and color protection during the lathering machine.

Ingredients include antioxidants, botanicals, vitamins, silk amino acids, kukui nut oil, white tea extract, humectants, peppermint oil, and more. Although there may be a lack of scientific research, kukui nut oil[8] (Aleurites moluccana) has traditionally been used to lessen hair loss and boom hair growth.

Purchase the System Five collection on Amazon for $30 or through Ulta Beauty for $ forty-five

Nioxin System 6

If you’re no stranger to perms, it may be commonplace to peer hair loss through the years. Still, it doesn’t need to be that way! The System 6 set is optimized for bleached and chemically treated hair with superior thinning.

Inspired by the manner of commonplace skincare exercises, this series is designed to thicken vulnerable roots and ends at the same time as turning in hydration and glossiness.

Effective in casting off pollution, more sebum, and dirt, this formulation gently refreshes the scalp at an equal time as developing the number of your strands. Some additives encompass nutrients, botanicals, SPF 15 sunscreen, silk amino acids, kukui nut oil, white tea extract, humectants, and peppermint oil.

If you’re on the road to more healthy hair, the System 6 collection is available at two pricing alternatives:

  • Amazon: $25 (down from $30)
  • Ulta Beauty: $30 

Nioxin Scalp & Hair Leave-In Treatment System 2 Review

Last but no longer least, permitted testing out Nioxin’s three elements is ordinary. This Scalp & Hair Leave-In Treatment System 2 is for natural hair with improved thinning.

This specialized formula is made to reinvigorate the scalp while selling extent and power to silly and brittle locks. For pinnacle-rated effects, I’ll look at proper right here that logo recommends using it on a day-by-day basis

This is splendidly used on wet hair, especially after using the Nioxin shampoo and conditioner. This concoction doesn’t need to be rinsed out; instead, of a different formulation.

As a very last touch on your bathe ordinary, the Scalp & Hair Leave-In Treatment System 2 may be offered at specific locations:

  • Amazon: $22
  • Ulta Beauty: $26 

Nioxin Cleanser Shampoo System 2 Review

The shampoo is important to all bathing workout routines. Getting a type that doesn’t cause gradual loss is essential to rid your scalp of any impurities.

With that in mind, the Cleanser Shampoo System 2 is meant for herbal hair with progressed thinning. Created as Nioxin’s first step for your everyday routine, this product is vital to collect that bounciness.

This professional derma-purifying cleaner can provide texture to your tresses even as strengthening from the inner. To supplement this product, customers can choose from a range of Nioxin conditioners without problems on their net website.

The Cleanser Shampoo System 2 technique is obtainable at competing charge factors:

  • Amazon: $17 (in the beginning, priced at $20)
  • Ulta Beauty: $20

Nioxin Scalp Recovery Anti-Dandruff System Kit Review

It’s not pillow fluff, as you hoped it’d be. The Scalp Recovery Anti-Dandruff System Kit is formulated to provide permanent comfort for people afflicted by itchy and flaky roots. Remedying several issues, including dry textures or supporting with seborrheic dermatitis, this set includes Nioxin’s precise logo of shampoos, conditioners, and serums.

Built to control moisture, this package deal is extraordinary for colored or permed hair because it reduces breakage from scalp itching. In an assessment[9] posted in the Journal of Dermatology Treatment, the active issue of this formulation, pyrithione zinc, has been determined effective for treating dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis.

Enhanced with inexperienced tea extract, the Scalp Recovery Anti-Dandruff System Kit may be sold at unique pricing alternatives:

  • Amazon: $39 
  • Ulta Beauty: $46

Nioxin Shampoo Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Do Nioxin paintings? To locate it pretty truly—yes. According to most effective testimonials online, most customers have said that their products worked for them.

Nioxin earlier than and after motion images at the reputable internet website offer visible proof of the product’s efficacy. The net page also showcases clients’ reactions to loving their healthy and voluminous hair. One reviewer wrote for the System 1 set:

“I can’t say good proper topics approximately the Nioxin hair care device. Not best does it smell exceptional, but it feels very refreshing on my scalp. Also, thinking about the truth that is using this device, my hair doesn’t fall out half as loads as it used to. And my curl’s appearance is excellent. My hair feels so healthy and smooth after as properly.” 

The praise for Nioxin keeps on retail websites alongside Beauty Brands and online blogs like Lady Alopecia. On Beauty Brands, a first-rate quantity in their first-rate-promoting merchandise garner masses of critiques.

For example, after searching the System 2 Cleanser, I found that it holds over 134 remarks with an overall score of 4.5/5 stars. The creator of Lady Alopecia said that the Nioxin method delivers the arrival of thicker hair as a quit result. 

“From my research and private use, I found this hair loss shampoo pretty powerful. I used Nioxin hair care products long after the takeover in 2008, and they labored for me,” reads a testimonial by way of Lady Alopecia

This Nioxin shampoo assessment uncovered a few crimson flags and court cases online. On Lady Alopecia, the writer states that she didn’t revel in common regrowth.

There are also some less-than-savory remarks on Influenster, in which some users suggested that some products worsened their hair similarly. The side consequences included:

  • A burning sensation on the scalp
  • Dry textures
  • More fallout

That stated, Nioxin Hair Regrowth Treatment obtained four/5 stars out of 571 reviews on Amazon. There are greater nice critiques of Nioxin than terrible ones traditional.

Is Nioxin Worth It?

Does Nioxin virtually paint for thinning hair? This Nioxin shampoo evaluation is based on the number of great testimonials online.

This emblem sticks out from the opposition because it makes a specialty of producing a cleaning system appropriate for hair loss and thinning.

Most products serve the equal cause: they purify the scalp while growing the frame and sheen for strands. However, every treatment is unique, as all their regimens are separated with the aid of hair kind to the diploma of thinning.

It’s a much cry from competing corporations who try to remedy many problems right away.

Nioxin additionally affords assets that would help teach clients about hair fitness and alopecia problems. For instance, they offer an online session for the ones uncertain of what products to apply and a practical manual that gives buyers unfastened hints and advice. 

If you’ve attempted every hair-thickening method available on the market and discovered no visible results, Nioxin must be a game-changer.

Nioxin Promotions & Discounts 

This Nioxin shampoo examination has not received any gives, reductions, or coupons on its website. However, you can follow them on their social media structures to be notified of any modern-day promotions.

Where to Buy Nioxin

While products can not be sold on Nioxin.Com, you can discover their formulation in select retailers along with:

  • Amazon 
  • Ulta Beauty 
  • Sally Beauty
  • Wellastore 
  • Chatters
  • Walmart
  • Trade Secrets
  • Shoppers Drug Mart 


Does Nioxin develop hair faster? 

The agency holds no claims that its merchandise can assist in developing hair out quicker. With frequent use, clients have discovered effects interior weeks.

Can Nioxin regrow hair? 

Some Nioxin merchandise, along with the Hair Regrowth Treatment, declare to regrow hair. 

Does Nioxin regrow hair in bald spots? 

This Nioxin shampoo examined that handiest the Nioxin Hair Regrowth Treatment can help cope with baldness in some humans. On Amazon, one 5-superstar reviewer shared:

“I’m forty-eight and started noticing my hair thinning alongside my crown and component. I tried nutrients, numerous shampoos, etc., and nothing turned into running. I’ve been using it 2x day for a month and am pleased with the development. Easy to use liquid that you rub in nicely. No scent and no thing consequences for me.”  

What are the aspect results of Nioxin? 

Based on critiques posted online, a few customers said:

  • Redness
  • Inflammation
  • Itching
  • Swelling
  • Hair loss
  • Flaking
  • Dry scalps
  • Brittle hair

This Nioxin shampoo comparison recommends discontinuing use at once in case you experience any allergies or cautious symptoms and signs and symptoms.

What happens if you forestall using Nioxin? 

This Nioxin shampoo assessment found no problematic aspect results associated with discontinuing the usage of their merchandise. Your hair will truly pass lower back to its previous country.

What is Nioxin’s Shipping Policy?

Because Nioxin no longer permits clients to access their without delay buy on their internet site, the employer offers no transport insurance on their internet site.

What is Nioxin’s Return Policy?

Customers can only buy Nioxin merchandise in pick stores, and now not on the net agency website. Because of this, the logo does now not have return coverage.

How to Contact Nioxin

For inquiries unrelated to this Nioxin shampoo evaluation, you can contact the corporation via:

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