You are currently viewing Naked Cashmere Reviews –Is It Worth Your Money?

Naked Cashmere Reviews –Is It Worth Your Money?

Natural is the game’s call in fashion currently, and for the proper motive. What comes from the Earth and remains bundle-loose is generally better for us and the planet we stay on. Natural doesn’t need to mean low quality. Although; you can get natural clothing that feels so amazing and gentle, you would probably assume you’re bare.

Or at least that’s the idea on the back of the Naked Cashmere logo. But just how naked is this business organization with its truth? Read directly to discover our Naked Cashmere opinions and solutions to your ethics and sustainability questions.

What Is Naked Cashmere?

Naked Cashmere is, pretty genuinely, a luxurious cashmere employer. They use wool from cashmere and pashmina goats to create high-priced cashmere garb, add-ons, or home items like blankets and pillows. 

The clothing they provide is casual, making them ideal for lounging around the house or going to an informal dinner.

In addition, Naked Cashmere claims to be ethical and sustainable in its sourcing and manufacturing, which we’ll dive deeper into later.

Naked Cashmere Reviews

Overall: ★★★★

Shipping ★★★★★ – Shipping at this employer is speedy and clean, and they take greater steps to make certain of their shipping coverage.

Product Quality ★★★★★ – The first-rate of these products seems to be awesome. Customers are raving about the suit and luxury of the entirety they get hold of.

Customer Service ★★★★★ – This business enterprise has made it easy to system returns, even for items. The policy isn’t precisely the most lenient. However, you won’t have trouble returning your devices if you get them in in time. Complaints are, in fact, now not absent. However, they’re tremendously minor and resolved short.

Sustainability ★★★ – Their claims on sustainability and ethics sound first-rate, but it isn’t easy to discover verification of their claims.

Naked Cashmere Customer Reviews

Though there aren’t many reviews on independent websites, the retailer’s website reviews are sparkling. Out of over five 000 opinions, there’s a common of approximately four. Eight stars, it truly is quite near excellent. After searching through pretty a few of these reviews, we found that the principal elements have been:

You may have $two hundred to spend on an unmarried sweater, but you must get one at this organization. According to customers, the answer is sure.

Naked Cashmere is now not permitted. However, they do have an A rating on the Better Business Bureau. 

  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Fair pricing 
  • Nice healthy
  • Too short of a time frame for returns

To help you get a concept of this emblem, proper right here are some quotes from real Naked Cashmere evaluations:

“Bought this in Navy/Small. I’m five’7” and a hundred twenty lbs. Sleeves are shorter than pictured for me. Select more sleeve duration as I’m long-limbed. Enough “bunch” to hold, but as [I] choose no longer to get lost in length—incredible fabric, as in keeping with a couple of NC purchases. [I’m] unique approximately Cashmere first-class – this works for me.”- Kerri B. On Naked Cashmere

“Honestly… I’ve owned three cashmere gowns from three precise agencies. Hands down, this one is the best excellent around. The Bluebird color is appropriate. I’m 5’6″, 130 five lbs, and the healthy is beneficial however no longer sloppy.”- Nora H. On Naked Cashmere

“I purchase[d] a sweater online. I selected greater small. When I paid and showed my decided purchase, all records became correct. When I acquired their confirmation, the information turned out to be incorrect. I tried to attain the enterprise within the path of business enterprise hours, I have become rudely knowledgeable that it needed to be my mistake, and there has been nothing they may do until I acquired the object. After numerous customer support abusive telephone calls, the exception they’re capable of is emailing a return authorization form. They could evaluate the case, but it modified into as much as me to pay for the go-back cargo, and I had a constrained three-day window.” – Anonymous on The Better Business Bureau.


As the emblem puts it, “You don’t purchase NAKEDCASHMERE. You collect it.” These aren’t pieces you purchase on a whim and eliminate subsequent months, which is pondered in the price.

For a piece made of a hundred% pure cashmere, prices start at around $eighty for a simple bralette or t-shirt, transferring as a lot as approximately $100 twenty 5 to $250 for pants and tops, and finishing at about $four hundred for a larger cardigan, long sleeve sweater, or gown. 

The stated fees here are quite akin to what you would pay for similar portions at J Crew, and corporations like Bochu Walker sell similar gadgets for loads of extra greenbacks.

Ethics And Sustainability

Naked Cashmere claims to be a sustainable, trustworthy exchange, and traceable. From what we may want to locate, the business organization keeps its guarantees, but there also are a few worries.

As for sustainability, there’s continually a question as to whether or not buying a product farming is sustainable. A certain amount of carbon dioxide will be produced from the grazing of goats. Still, the pertinent information is that goat grazing generally produces decreased quantities of CO2 than farm animals grazing. 

In addition, you should buy items that bypass the one’s emissions altogether, as some pieces can be made from one hundred% recycled Cashmere. There also are portions fabricated from linen and cotton if you’ll, as a substitute, bypass animal fibers altogether. 

The fabric blends are one hassle on this front, which frequently comprise spandex. According to the company, their spandex is sometimes recycled. Since that is a petroleum-derived cloth, it’s possible to avoid it if you’re looking to shop as sustainably as possible. Luckily, this is made very smoothly online because you can filter out gadgets crafted from mixed fabric. 

As for how your gadgets get to you, the outer packaging is made of 100% recycled cardboard, and the inner sleeve is biodegradable. If you see any plastic, that’s recycled as well.

The organization claims to artwork with herders that use non-dangerous shearing techniques, heading off shearing them at some stage inside the wintry weather. They additionally buy their herders’ whole harvest no matter any use of America and downs in pleasant so that whomever they work with continues to be confident a dwelling. The give-up result needs to be honest trade and cruelty-loose yarns.

However, considering we need to recognize who these producers are, it’s hard to compare any of these claims. To be sincere, the cashmere yarns used are certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). However, that’s no longer the same as announcing that they may be truthful exchange and cruelty-unfastened.

Again, the organization claims that their manufacturers have those certifications, but we need to realize who they are regarding, so we don’t recognize which agencies to check certifications for.

Naked Cashmere sells every womenswear and menswear, liberating new objects every month.

Naked Cashmere Return Policy

You might assume the delivery policy needs to be revised for a luxury logo. However, you’d need to be corrected here. 

For orders in the United States, visit returns.Nakedcashmere.Com and follow the instructions to provoke your pass back. Once your go-back is authorized, you’ll get a prepaid shipping label through email to p.C. Up your devices to ship lower again.

It is worth noting even though you only have 14 days to get keep of your objects to provoke a move lower back; you’ll make your choice as an alternative rapid. They also want to be within the actual packaging with original tags, unworn and unwashed

It’s only a few times to decide if an item is right for you. However, the method is quite hassle-loose. The best component that could offer you an assignment simultaneously is setting your order in which you can’t make any modifications after it’s been positioned. If you, through danger, pick the incorrect period, you should wait till the object you receive to head return it.


Based on Naked Cashmere critiques, this high-priced brand offers great quantities of informal wear made from cotton, linen, and Cashmere. You can get the entirety you want for a casual material cloth cabinet, from bras and tops to bottoms and outerwear, at decreased charges than you would generally see for luxurious cashmere merchandise.

While their sustainability claims won’t be as good as they appear, and there are a few troubles, they do a pretty proper task at taking steps towards greater sustainable fashion.

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