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Musely Skincare Review – Is It Worth Trying?

About Musely

I’ve tried limitless skincare regimens, and I’m genuinely uninterested in no longer seeing effects. Sure, I’ve come across some of the paintings, but for the most part, I’m left thinking if a “pleasant skincare brand” simply exists.

Musely is a breath of easy air. This cosmetic organization is headed by a group of dermatologists and gives custom-designed treatments to help you return to your sparkling self. Skincare is known to improve the great of existence[1].

It’s domestic to the famous FaceRX emblem, which sells merchandise much like the Fast-Acting Dark Spot Corrector and the Prescription Wrinkle Cream. 

With a following of over 64k on Instagram, I’ve seen the earlier and after pics for myself, and Musely is a notable contender in the skin care employer. They’re also featured in several online courses, along with Forbes, Popdust, Glossy, and Healthline. 

Can’t control to quell those dark spots? Perhaps it’s time to offer this splendor organization a strive. Stay tuned, as on this Musely skin care evaluation; I’ll offer you a comprehensive evaluation of the logo, its merchandise, client ratings, promotions, and more which will help you decide if they’re well worth locating. 

Why You Should Trust Us

Our project is to help you make higher, greater informed buy choices. Our institution spends hours getting to know, consulting with medical examiners, collecting beliefs from professional professionals, reviewing patron feedback, and studying merchandise to offer you the desired records.

Overview of Musely

When it’s a fantastic day outdoors, possibilities are that you’ll want to take in as heaps sun as feasible. The equal can be stated for the couple Jack and Cherry Jia, who spent the maximum of their time gardening and golfing. 

Unfortunately, I’ve discovered out the tough manner that Sunlight exposition has dangers and benefits[2]. Some lifestyle pleasures typically entail a form of sacrifice—and for them, it changed into a degrading complexion. Plagued with dark spots, wrinkles, and melasma, the Jias grew to turn out to be to dermatologist Dr. Marie Jhin for help. 

Thankfully, via careful steerage, dedication, and a current prescription, Jack and Cherry noticed a dramatic development in their skin. They had been each in amazement, which no longer handiest got here from their achievement, however, the sheer bafflement that this insider understanding was included from the general public. 

In a try and percentage their findings with the sector, FaceRX was born under Musely in 2018. Headquartered in California, this cosmetic brand bridges the relationship between dermatologists and patients by imparting custom-designed applications. Musely is likewise spearheaded by Dr. Marie Jhin herself. 

Before I get into the best info of this Musely skin care evaluation, allow’s pass over a few initial highlights: 


  • Offers custom-designed packages to help customers reach their skincare trips 
  • FaceRx is vegan, cruelty-unfastened, and gluten-loose 
  • Customers can use the purse app to keep the music of prescriptions and development
  • Provides a 60-day results guarantee of their merchandise  
  • Thousands of first-rate patron critiques   

Sorry, Sheryl Crow, however, all of us can’t simply ‘soak up the solar.’ Those blinding summer days call for thick layers of sunscreen[3] and a defensive hat. And for a number of us (me in particular), it, lamentably, isn’t enough. Dark spots hold to achieve success, and wrinkles come via the handfuls.

Instead of hopping over to your neighborhood drugstore to do the good ol’ beauty aspect step, I assume it’s time we find an answer that works. This is wherein Musely skin care is available. 

Signing up for their online utility allows you to a three-minute appointment with a licensed health practitioner. From there, they will endorse some merchandise to strive primarily based on your case. 

Members can also maintain songs in their development by using the usage of downloading course app; it’s available on Google Play and the App Store. It can help answer, offer a community experience even provide useful reminders. 

I count on it’s worth noting that you can skip those doctoral appointments in case you already understand what you need. But if you’re something like me, it’s typically beneficial to have a supporting hand within the complex global of skin care merchandise. 

Moving ahead in this Musely pores and skin care evaluation, I’ll move over some of the emblem’s super-promoting merchandise on its online internet website—which incorporates excellent remedies incorpincorporateSpot Peel, or the Anti-Aging Night Cream. 

Take it from Hannah Montana herself: Nobody’s ideal, but you can work on it. I understand skin care frustration all too well, and while it’s smooth to throw in the towel almost about ideal pores and skin, the maximum desirable human trait[4], this emblem encourages you to offer it one last flow.

From blemish lotions to wrinkle-away treatments, up subsequent on this Musely skincare evaluation, I’ll feature a few of my favs inside its series. 

Musely Spot Cream Review

Don’t get me wrong; facial dots can be lovely. From freckles to splendor marks, these tiny specs can add individuality to your personality. Alternatively, dark spots, melasma, and acne scarring[5] aren’t as proper. In such instances, the Spot Cream from Musely can act as a saving grace. 

This rejuvenating remedy is to be had in four precise formulations, inclusive of Erase, Nurture, HQ Free+, and M+. All of those ointments are prescribed on a case-by means of using-case foundation, which means that customers will want the backing of an authorized expert if they want to purchase it. 

Generally speaking, all Musely Spot cream serums incorporate hydroquinone, which is an element seemed for its lightning homes. One client commented on its consequences:

“This spot cream has changed my life!!! I will be by Melasma, and I was using the spot cream for the most effective two weeks, and my Melasma is a type of truly INVISIBLE! I nearly cried yesterday after I became equipped to look at the dramatic distinction. I have been so self-conscious for years. Thank you, thanks, thanks.”

Customers can get their arms on the Musely Spot Cream for just $1 an afternoon. In general, participants are given a 2-month supply for $60

Musely Spot Peel Review

Do you ever just choose that you could strip blemishes off like a decal? Every now and then motel to hydrocolloid patches because of the closest opportunity. But the Spot Peel by Musely serves as a quick-acting solution for conditions that call for a more thorough project.

Designed to be performed every six months, this intense treatment brightens stupid areas by diminishing imperfections. This Musely pores, and skin care serum uses a mixture of hydroquinone, licorice root extract, vitamin C[6], and additional. 

One Musely commented on its effectiveness and how it works with the Spot Cream: “It’s like the right thing two to The Spot Cream! I’m so glad I can finally start demanding approximately keeping my outcomes in the desire to look ahead to them to be available. It works like magic!”

The logo recommends using the Spot Cream right after to decorate your effects. Offered in formulations Burst and Boost, the Spot Peel treatment prices $99 for a one-time remedy. You can also upload a medical doctor’s appointment for $119

Musely Anti-Aging Night Cream Review

Are you looking to expose the lower back of the clock? There’s no want to generate 1.21 gigawatts of energy for your time-touring vehicle. Instead, I anticipate the Anti-Aging Night Cream acts as a better possibility.

This prescriptive lotion allows to smoothen out wrinkles at the same time as erasing sunspots. This is thanks to its combination of niacinamide, tretinoin, and hyaluronic acid[7]

Another Musely individual was incredibly inspired by their consequences: “OH MY GOODNESS! You all, I have suffered from Melasma because of the reality that my 1/three was pregnant in 2009. No gimmicks are proper right here; these items work! I spent loads on prescription products that everyone failed. I concept I had a hopeless case. This product is properly worth every penny, and did it with one remedy! Bonus, I moreover appearance more youthful!”

This Musely FaceRX cream is presently and available in 3 exquisite remedies: Gentle, Balanced, and Veteran. Each formulation varies in performance, which is suggested by using certified pores and skin care experts. 

For a decade-shedding remedy that calls for no time-bending abilities, the Anti-Aging Night Cream retails for $60 for two months. Alternatively, you could add a one-time appointment for $80 in Fashionable. 

Musely Private Cream Review

In a twisted style, blemishes’ goal is to be as ‘inclusive’ as feasible by acting at the face, legs, and groin. Thanks, however, no thank you—I want to be prepared while the warm female summer season rolls around. Fortunately, the Private Cream can assist in putting off the pesky imperfections in time for seashore days. 

Designed to work on the genitals, anus, groin, and underarms, this Musely Cream works behind the curtain to enhance dark spots and pigmentation. Depending on the severity of your case, it’s provided in to be had formulations: Desire and Tender

One Musely Private Cream, devotee, mentioned that this product also could help avoid awkward interactions with a dermatologist: “Let’s face it, it could be a bit embarrassing to invite your derm about lightening the one’s regions. When I determined I may also need to reserve this online, I concept it had become too desirable to be proper. Now, I preference I had acknowledged approximately this years in the beyond. My pores and pores and skin (down there) appear new, and I feel so refreshed!”

The Private Cream retails for $60 for two months, however, can cost approximately $eighty if deciding to add a doctor’s appointment. 

Musely Neck Cream Review

Plunging necklines and tube tops require a declaration necklace and clean decolletage. If you display as much as a lack in the final department, the Neck Cream through Musely can help tighten up the loose regions. 

Designed to be pleasant throughout the chest area, I love that this anti-getting older remedy illuminates sullen regions while correcting your pores and skin’s texture. I advise pairing it with the Musely eye masks for an intensive midnight treatment. 

Yet some other satisfied Musely consumers stated they noticed consequences in as little as two months: “I’ve been touchy approximately my neck and chest for years, however someway in months, it’s beginning to look better, and I know it will just get higher the longer I use it. Thank you for making a neck model of spot cream.”

In terms of rate, the Neck Cream expenses $86 for a 2-month subscription. You have a choice to feature a one-on-one appointment for an entire $106

What Are The Active Ingredients In Musely?

Depending on the product in question, Musely substances will range on a case-by-case foundation. I endorse heading over to the object description for an in-intensity listing of active additives. But for now, I’ll list a few for readers to pay attention to. 

  • Hydroquinone 
  • Niacinamide
  • Vitamin C
  • Tretinoin 
  • Hydrocortisone 
  • Azelaic acid 
  • Kojic acid 

How Long Does It Take for Musely To Work?

Honestly, I’ve discovered that it all is predicated upon the severity of your case and the product’s performance. But, you can expect maximum Musely treatments to generate outcomes within 60 days (as regular with their guarantee). 

According to the brand, prescriptions similar to the Spot Cream and the Anti-Aging Night Serum generally take six to 6-eight weeks to provide first-rate enhancements. 

Who Is Musely For? 

There’s no want for a screaming match between you and your wallet. Musely is for human beings uninterested in useless skin care products. Since most of their products and packages are designed to price under $200, it’s considered extra reasonably priced than searching for the usual 5-step beauty routine—and in reality, a lot much less expensive than vast 12-step regimens.

Comparison: Musely vs. Curology

Even though options can get puzzling, I’m in the shape of little flexibilities inside the pores and skin care enterprise. Customers are given a choice of what logo to assist in phrases of customized remedies. With that in mind, how does Musely compare to cosmetic corporations and Curology? Let’s take a look at some key versions. 


  • Known for its customized programs and prescriptions, considering the reality that 2018 
  • Caters to customers bored with overhyped beauty merchandise 
  • Sells lotions, peels, and cleansers 
  • Price varies from $60 to $116 
  • Reportedly vegan, cruelty-unfastened, and gluten-loose 
  • Only available in the US 
  • Offers a 60-day Musely outcome to assure


  • It also offers personalized prescriptions
  • In a commercial enterprise, thinking about the reality that 2013 
  • Considered a trouble-unfastened service freed from overhyped advertising and marketing 
  • Requires sign-up to shop for their lotions, cleansers, and moisturizers 
  • Ranges from $20 to $forty in step with month 
  • Reportedly vegan and cruelty-loose 
  • Only to be had in the US and does no longer offer returns 

Wow, from records like this, it appears that those two brands are quite similar. In my opinion, it seems that their variations lie in plan flexibility and price. 

For instance, Musely can act as a top-notch, even for folks seeking seekings brief option plans to quit within two months. Alternatively, Curology can act as a greater, cheaper desire for ongoing treatments. 

Musely Skincare Review - Is It Worth Trying?

Musely Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Of direction, no Musely skincare evaluation is complete without looking at client remarks. While it’s logical to look at written testimonials, it’s honestly fantastic to look at the Musely in advance and after pics posted on their internet site first. 

And allow me to let you know; the results are inspiring. For now, let’s take a glance at the rankings of a number of the emblem’s fine-promoting products:

  • The Spot Cream: 264k scores with 4.7/five stars
  • The Spot Peel: nine.2k scores with four.6/five stars 
  • The Anti-Aging Night Cream: 49k rankings with 4.6/5 stars 

On the opportunity hand, the employer has quite a blended bag of reviews on a number of the leading relied-on evaluation sites:

  • Better Business Bureau1/five stars
  • Trustpilot2.Eight/5 stars
  • Sitejabber1/5 stars

That said, masses of clients are raving about Musely skin care products for the way powerful they may be at diminishing imperfections. Because of this, a few participants felt a heightened degree of self-perception after using their creams and peels. 

“This spot cream has changed my existence!!! I was troubled by using Melasma, and I have been using the spot cream for the first two weeks, and my Melasma is nearly completely INVISIBLE! I nearly cried the day passed once I have become getting ready looking at the dramatic difference,” one purchaser wrote for The Spot Cream

“I even have cherished my enjoy to date,” one reviewer shared for The Anti-Aging Night Cream“My pores and skin tone are much more even, and my solar spots are disappearing! So grateful to have found something to deal with all of my concerns in the end!”

Aside from the love shared on Musely’s authentic net web page, I handiest decided on a few impartial blogs that stated their merchandise. Fortunately, most internet websites offer ratings for customers to use. This includes:

  • Relief Seeker: 5/five stars 
  • Pierre Michel Beauty: three.7/5 stars 

In a quick summary, every author seemed impressed with Musely’s streamlined company and fee-powerful products. They also looked at the brand’s one-on-one appointments, which proved excellent in supporting clients to discover a habit that labored for them. 

“Musely is your one-prevent-shop for all matters skin care-related. We love its lengthy (lengthy, prolonged) list of skincare, guys’ healthcare, infant care, and puppy care merchandise. We additionally love that it commenced as a platform for clients to replace splendor recommendations and tips” through a declaration made by way of manner of Relief Seeker. 

Though I observed a first-rate extensive style of effective opinions, now not, they all were. The maximum not unusual proceedings had been almost about criminal charges and negative skin reactions. If you revel in a response, prevent the product use at once.

While it’s critical to remember the negatives, all in all, the quantity of powerful comments some distance overshadows the huge kind of proceedings I got across on this Musely skincare review. If anything, I endorse doing a swatch to take a look at to appear if the product works for you. 

Is Musely Worth It?

In an international of overhyped products and glamorous advertisements, Musely cuts to the chase by supplying customers with rapid skin care methods. There are no bells or whistles right here, and I appreciate that consumers are given a few steering in deciding on merchandise. 

In addition, using imparting one-on-one doctoral appointments, users are saved from the guesswork of choosing random cleansers or serums. And due to this, you’re much more likely to collect those coveted outcomes—not to say keep yourself from dropping money.

Final verdict of this Musely skincare review? Musely isn’t the most much less steeply-priced customized software available. However, it is extra fee-effective than shopping for ten splendor products that don’t preserve a lot of promise. For an emblem that cuts the BS, I endorse checking them out. 

Musely Promotions & Discounts 

While digging around for this Musely pores and skin care evaluation, I discovered that the brand has a rewards program. By signing up, participants can get entry 1-of-a-type deals and perks. 

They also host a refer-a-buddy software, wherein clients can get $4 off for every hit referral. 

Where to Buy Musely

On a glow-up journey? Customers can buy FaceRX merchandise solely by the usage of touring musely.Com. Currently, their gadgets are not sold in any partnered shops. 


Where is Musely Made? 

So, in this Musely skin care assessment, I haven’t discovered any facts about where their products are made. I recognize that they will be based in Santa Clara, California, even though.

Is Musely Vegan and Cruelty-unfastened? 

Yep! Musely skincare is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. They’re gluten-unfastened as nicely. 

What is Musely’s Shipping Policy?

I’m glad to document on this Musely skincare comparison that they offer loose delivery on all orders. Due to the character of their application, they are the most effective carriers for those living within the United States. It usually takes 2 to 4 company days for prescriptions to be added. To help hold tabs in your delivery, the logo will trouble a monitoring amount in a confirmation e-mail. 

What is Musely’s Return Policy?

Musely gives a 60-day results guarantee on all of its merchandise. If you’re unsatisfied with how your Cream or peel was completed, you may request compensation for the medicine price. It’s worth noting the session rate is non-refundable

Unfortunately, the emblem does not take delivery of returns for its remedies. To provoke this approach, clients can touch the enterprise for more facts.

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