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Are you looking to buy at Are you looking to know whether Luoccia is an authentic eCommerce store? Check this review to find out why our fraud detection system has given an unsatisfactory trust score.

What exactly is the website?

Luoccia is located on Luoccia. command, an internet shop that sells items like Clippers, LED Light bulbs, steam iron, hair curler, and more. The products are sold at shady discounted prices.

Many warning signs on this site indicate that does not appear trustworthy, and this review will expose everything necessary information about the store. The main findings made were:

  • There aren’t any fake or fake social media icons.
  • A suspect firm, Selead Ltd, controls it.
  • The website was made in May 2022. It is only a few days old and is, therefore, not credible.
  • You can find Fake Trusted Seals on the website that aren’t from authentic organizations.
  • It’s got a fake contact URL on their website. This is an indication of a scam.

These are all substantial warning signs and reasons not to purchase at If you are still interested in shopping at this site, keep reading!

Other reasons why you should not buy at

Suspicious/ Outrageous Discounts

The astronomical discount prices advertised on the website are far too fantastic to be accurate and are an indication that the website is fraudulent.

Fake Contact Address

Luoccia has posted its contact information on its site as Luoccia’s website has its contact address as 121 Prodromou Avenue, 2064 Strovolos 1st Floor Hadjikyriakion Building 1, Nicosia, 2064, Cyprus. A thorough search revealed that the speech was associated with several scam stores online. This is suspicious and indicates that hides its data from customers. This is also suspicious since authentic stores post complete information on their site. This is an indication of fraud and an indication that the store is fraudulent.

Customer Complaints

Customers who have purchased items at this store leave reviews online claiming to have received a completely different product than they had ordered. All attempts to contact the store to request refunds have been unsuccessful.

Customer Review

There are no customer reviews on the website, which is suspicious since every authentic retailer offers the option for genuine reviews.

Stolen Contents has stolen most of its content from online stores, including product images and other information.

It is a common occurrence with fraudulent online shops. They advertise their products as authentic; however, the customers are receiving a cheap knockoff and cannot return the item.

Is Scam Or Legit?

Based on these critical points mentioned in the previous paragraphs, has a lot of warning signs.

Like many scam online stores, this one uses low-cost discounts to attract customers. But when they make an order, they are delivered a different product or low-quality item ordered, and some customers are left with no product. This is an excellent example of bait-and-switch fraud.


In all indications, there is no doubt that doesn’t appear to be a legitimate online retailer. It has a low credit score and is not highly recommended by us.

Like viviizstores, Nicola alien-tees, galacmart, out hood, and crocodile time, among other suspect websites, customers didn’t get the items they purchased and instead received a sloppy product or none at all.

Do this if you’ve been scammed!

Are you being scammed? Here are some suggestions on what to do in case you’ve been victimized.

Contact your bank to make complaints and request an additional debit card. If you’ve used Paypal as an option to pay, you need to record your transactions to be used again in the future; you can do this by taking a screenshot.

While shopping online has helped make our lives easier and more convenient, it is essential to be cautious when purchasing items online to reduce the chance of a compromised credit card or overcharged fees. Before placing an order with an online retailer, read the below.

The website’s age has a return address, customer Reviews, and its presence on social networks.

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