You are currently viewing Legacy Box Reviews – Must Read This Before Buying

Legacy Box Reviews – Must Read This Before Buying

About Legacy Box

When Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger demanded that audiences look at a particular image that always makes him snigger, he wasn’t just asking why his eyes seemed so pink or what was on Joey’s head. He added to life a real predicament. Memories fade, irrespective of how tough we try to hold onto them. 

That’s why snap shots and films are vital to keeping what we’ve skilled. The simplest trouble is that, especially with vintage snap shots and motion pictures, their content material can be trapped in archaic interior frameworks that the present-day era can not enter. Does this advocate that there are some memories we cannot get lower back?

Fortunately, that’s not the case way to Legacy Box. The Chattanooga-based total employer has transformed tapes, film reels, pics, and more for over 1 million clients, making them the most famous international digitizing issuer.

They’ve also garnered over 17k Instagram fans and 136k likes on Facebook. So, if you’re equipped to look lower back in time, this Legacy Box evaluation will give you everything you want to realize.

You’ll look at the enterprise’s procedure, charges, purchaser reception, and greater so that you can be available for your private stop about whether or no longer or not they’re right for you.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our assignment is that it will help you make better, greater informed purchase alternatives. Our group spends hours studying, consulting with medical examiners, collecting beliefs from expert experts, reviewing consumer comments, and analyzing products to offer you the needed data.

Legacy Box Reviews - Must Read This Before Buying

Overview of Legacy Box

Now that most facts are saved on virtual mediums and clouds, it’s scary to consider what will seem to be the many years’ worth of bodily media that human beings can not access. That’s what Adam Boeselager and Nick Macco determined in the late 2000s.

Soon after, they started Legacy Box, changing vintage documents to virtual media with a single VCR. As their knowledge grew, so did their group and their outreach. Nowadays, Legacy Box digitizes up to 700k documents every week. 

Their time digitizes each available item by hand, which means that the fine is maintained for the duration of the conversion machine. The priceless touches inside the precise movie reels, VHS tapes, and photographs stay to inform the tale and flourish in the digital medium.

With all that besuited, this Legacy Box evaluation will give you a concept of what to anticipate while delivering your gadget to the organization. First, the permit provides several of the enterprise business enterprise’s highlights.


  • Digitize the maximum famous analogue report formats
  • Variety of Legacy Box pricing fashions
  • They digitize all tapes within the United States
  • Over 1m customers

This Legacy Box overview will cover the revel-in from the purchaser’s component of the deal. They don’t put up an excessive amount of facts about how their conversion technique performs, aside from the fact that they can convert from a big swath of mediums.

How Does Legacy Box Work?

If you seek out the shortest feasible precis of the Legacy Box system, I’ll destroy it into its three key steps.

  1. You send your tapes
  2. They convert your tapes to digital documents
  3. You reap them

However, there may be a few nuances the company. You first want to pick out which service you need, and I’ll cover how plenty they value inside the next phase of this Legacy Box evaluation.  

Each subject can maintain a set wide variety of shipments in numerous mediums. The boxes can protect your delicate cargo from the roughage and tumble inherent to the transport approach, along with different environmental risks like warm temperature, mould, stress, and moisture.

Once Legacy Box finishes digitizing your shipment, they’ll deliver you the unique materials and digital transfers. You can request the files on a USB thumb power, DVDs, or cloud storage.

Legacy Box Pricing 

This section of my Legacy Box evaluation could examine the emblem’s pricing schemes. They have four alternatives you may select from:

  • Legacy Box 2 Item Starter: $66
  • Legacy Box 10 Item Family: $3 hundred
  • Legacy Box 20 Item Closet: $six hundred
  • Legacy Box forty Item Trunk: $1,200

The variety inside the name of each set refers to how many devices you could ship in. For example, buying the Legacy Box 10 Item Family Set may send ten pieces you need to digitize. They don’t all should be in the identical medium each; you can mix and match them, as long as the general doesn’t overtake what’s protected in line with your purchase.

As for what the enterprise organization can digitize, you’ll look at that in the subsequent chunk of this Legacy Box assessment.

What Does Legacy Box Digitize?

There are four crucial mediums that Legacy Box can digitize; tapes, movies, pix, and audio. I’ll cowl which formats they convert for this Legacy evaluation at the segment.

These are the tape codecs they digitize:

  • VHS
  • VHS-C
  • Hi8
  • Video eight
  • MiniDV
  • Betamax
  • MicroMV
  • Digital B
  • Pal

Legacy Box can convert every 8mm and 16mm movie reel, audio cassette and reel-to-reels, 5mm photograph slides, and prints. 

Who Is Legacy Box For? 

The services on this Legacy Box assessment are designed for individuals who want to maintain the past alive and intact through present-day technology. If you have antique pix or films you desire you can see, that is the carrier for you. 

This may also be an amazing gift for older adults who must study documents they haven’t seen in years.

Legacy Box Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

This section of my Legacy examination mine will observe what customers liked and disliked approximately the emblem and their offerings.

To give you an idea of the not-unusual consumer reception, I checked out Legacy Box reviews from a couple of well-knwebsitesites and located them right into a listing. 

  • Site Jabber: three.6/5 stars based totally on greater than 625 quantities of client feedback
  • Amazon: three.Three/5 stars based totally on more than forty portions of patron feedback.
  • Trust Pilot: three/five stars based mostly on greater than two hundred quantities of client remarks

There have become lots of sentimentality brewing in Legacy Box opinions for obvious reasons. Many humans cherished the company as it allowed them to relive memories and brought back feelings they hadn’t felt in years. 

I had not seen these movies because of the truth about 40 years ago and have become taken aback to look how nicely they have been wiped smooth up and stored. The Legacybox team did an incredible task, bringing them to lower again from the ‘almost’ vain. They are easy, brilliant and now stored for posterity,” wrote one purchaser.

Negative consumer evaluations are approximately appapproachking longer than marketed. Plus, some customers suggested that Legacy Box wouldn’t trutrulypair all tapes mentioning them as broken at the same time as, in keeping with the customers, they have been in extremely good form. 

Per the number one criticism, it appears that most of these negative Legacy Box opinions have been written during the pandemic wh. At the same time, liver strains around the arena had been ravaged. Therefore, it’s unfair to hold that in opposition to Legacy Box’s thinking that nearly every organization changed into handling behind-schedule operations.

Somewhat related to the second grievance, this Legacy Box assessment from an Amazon consumer offers proper perception. Essentially, humans anticipated Legacy Box to perform miracles while the business enterprise is restrained in the long run by way of the high-quality consumers offer them. 

In quick – don’t count on extra than the supsuppliedbric can supply. Unlike on TV shows like “CSI,” there isn’t a “beautify” feature to have the ability to tug the wide serial range of a dollar bill this is blowing down the street.

As such, those who went into their purchases knowledge that the emblem ends up going for walks with what they have been dealt with wrote exceptional Legacy Box evaluations.

I must embody one last consumer Legacy Box evaluation summarising the client experience. 

Legacy Box digitalized a VHS tape and three audio cassettes for me. They did a first-rate job! The technique took a few months but became nicely and sincerely worth the wait. I mainly favoured the truth that they stayed in touch within the route of the way with updates; I welcomed the reality that I knew precisely wherein my order behad ome along the manner. 

Is Legacy Box Legit?

When you do not forget the reasoning behind the terrible Legacy Box evaluations, it’s fair to say that they’re now without out advantage; however, they don’t make Legacy Box seem disingenuous. 

Is Legacy Box Worth It?

I take delivery of as genuine with that Legacy Box is a worthwhile buy. If you recognize that the fine is best as exact as the media you ship in and that the method may also take some time, then you could revel in it extra.

Legacy Box Promotions & Discounts 

I couldn’t find any Legacy Box cut price codes or promotions going for walks when I wrote his review.

Where to Buy Legacy Box

You can store from the brand’s inter website, www.Legacybox.Com, or Amazon.


Who owns Legacy Box?

The organization’s founders, Adam Boeselager and Nick Macco, own Legacy Box. 

Does Legacy Box deliver across the world?

They best provide delivery to customers within the lower forty-eight United States.

What is Legacy Box’s Shipping Policy?

They offer three delivery options: trendy, floor, and specific. Each alternative prices more, counting on the scale of your Legacy Box buys, although all their orders soak up to eight enterprise days at the slowest. 

What is Legacy Box’s Return Policy?

You cannot cancel your order as soon as it has been converted. However, you may cancel and attain a reimbursement (minus transport and handling expenses) before sending Legacy Box your files as much as 30 days after receiving the field.

How to Contact Legacy Box

I desire you loved this Legacy Box evaluation. Contact the emblem by filling out a customer service form on their website. 

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