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Keto Chow Review -Is It Worth Trying?

About Keto Chow

Keto Chow makes scrumptious shakesbroths, and dietary supplements that are in shape flawlessly with a busy keto lifestyle. Offering entire nutrients, take hold of-and-go options, and on-hand subscriptions, the logo takes the guesswork out of meal planning at the same time as in a ton of taste.

There’s a ton of buzz for this organization online, which includes a social media network of over 110k enthusiasts and functions in great media stores like Eat This, Not That. But is Keto Chow the whole thing? Is it cracked as much as be? Can it bring the flavor returned to your bland, keto-healthy eating plan?

All the questions might be spoken back on this Keto Chow assessment. Here, we’ll inform you the entirety you want about the brand and its first-rate-promoting products, test out purchaser feedback, solution FAQs, and greater to help you decide if it’s proper in form.

Overview of Keto Chow

The keto weight-reduction plan has been spherical for many years. However, it’s, in reality, taken off in the last ten years. It’s rapidly turning into a cross-to within the worldwide of dieters attempting to find an easy-to-stick-to weight reduction answer.

The funny factor approximately keto, and any weight loss plan for that count number, is that it’s all about training. It’s clean to feature scrumptious-searching food on your Pinterest board, but any other factor totally to lead them to day by day and keep away from the pizza menu.

Founded in 2014 with the aid of way of Chris Bair and his partner Miriam, Keto Chow ended up created to assist in making sticking to your weight loss plan less complex. By growing clean-to-prepare food that is massive in flavor, the Utah-based logo does all of the minds come up with the outcomes you want, ensuring you not best meet the proper macros but also get the right nutrients and electrolytes.

In the subsequent phase of this Keto Chow assessment, you’ll realize various of the brand’s tasty and handy merchandise. Before we get there, glance through its highlights to enjoy’s in save.


  • Wide variety of tasty candy and savory flavors
  • Offers useful accessories
  • Easy to put together
  • Under 1 gram of net carbs in keeping with serving
  • It contains electrolytes, nutrients, and minerals
  • Rewards application
  • Subscribe to the store for 15%
  • Ships internationally

Offering each candy and savory Keto Chow luggage, head onto the brand’s internet site for 30 unique flavors for smooth-to-put-together meals. There are also add-ons to approach running a piece more smoother.

In the subsequent section of this Keto Chow evaluation, we’ll take you through a desire for savory and sweet food, add-ons, and kits before diving into some subscription options.

Though you should purchase the emblem’s food as a one-time purchase, subscribing will save you 15% and make sure you’re usually stocked up.

Keto Chow Products Review

With any weight-reduction plan or lifestyle, you want meals to be smooth. Keto Chow merchandise had been advanced for that very purpose—to streamline the meal prep method into only a few shakes. Its collection of shakers and on-the-spot mixes allows meeting the emblem’s first-class-dealers.

Keto Chow Beef Soup Base Review

The Keto Chow Beef Soup Base is one of the brand’s maximum-loved products, and it’s now not difficult to see why. Like its distinctive food, this base mixes rapidly to provide you with the perfect ratio of protein, fats, and carbs alongside pork’s gratifying, savory flavor.

A terrific basis for making warming stews and soups, the Beef Soup Base facilitates you to preserve the keto flu away with its excessive stages of potassiumcalcium, and sodium to offer your frame the electrolytes it craves on a keto food regimen.

Grad an available pouch for $5 or a 21-count Go Pack delivery for $ hundred.

Keto Chow Banana Review

One of the brand’s most bendy flavors, Keto Chow Banana has a refreshingly moderate taste that blends up splendidly with cocoa powder for a satisfying, fruity deal. Make this pride into a banana milkshake, make banana pudding, or add exceptional fruit-flavored Keto Chow baggage for a tropical twist.

Prefer a thicker consistency? Chill it in the refrigerator for a single day to assist it in thickening up. Oh, and it’s one of the logo’s 30 tasty flavors.

Grab a single-serving bag for $five, or purchase a bulk bag of 21 pouches for $80. Want to keep it in the fitness center or office? Try the Go Packs. There are 21 in a case for $100.

Keto Chow 28 oz. Blender Bottle Review

Do you understand that large vintage clump in your day-by-day shake? Yeah, that doesn’t need to appear. Mixing your meal substitute with your favorite liquids with the proper bottle is brilliantly smooth and creates the right, creamy, frothy sip.

The Keto Chow 28 oz. Blender Bottle was modified into created lower back in 2004. In reality, leakproof, using a wire whisk ball to interrupt and punctiliously mix your protein or meal substitute powder with liquid. With a StayOpen turn cap and an adjustable carrying loop, this is intently tested, and the available bottle is tour and sipping-friendly.

Made from BPA, phthalate-loose materials, and GripperBars for cushy maintenance, take your new desired bottle to the health club, artwork, and out on the street. It’s made to match your life.

Grab the Blender Bottle now for $8, or purchase four or 8 to get a five-bargain.

Keto Chow Essentials Starter Kit Review

If you’re new to the enterprise, the Keto Chow Essentials Starter Kit is the perfect area to start. It comprises six fantastic popular flavors along with a Genuine Blender Bottle and Keto Start Guide. You’ll try:

  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Lemon Meringue
  • Salted Caramel
  • Caramel Macchiato
  • Snickerdoodle

With a chunk of achievement, you’ll zero in on your new favorite taste. The emblem is currently supplying a 55% sale on the Essential Starter Kit, which takes charge from $38 down to $25.

Keto Chow Subscription Review

Keto Chow’s goals are to make your lifestyle much less hard on a keto weight loss program, meaning continuously having the right substances at your fingertips. Offering specific types of subscriptions with lots of customization, we’ll introduce you to each of them underneath.

Keto Chow Subscription Box Review

If you enjoy Keto Chow food on an everyday foundation, then deciding on the Subscription Box is an interesting manner to get your favorites in bulk for a piece less. You’ll pick out from 20, 30, 60, or ninety food and have your pick out from 20 of the emblem’s most well-known flavors.

Get your container brought each 1 or 2 months and add non-compulsory extras to your order like Daily Mineral Liquids or the 28 ozBlender Bottle. As an ongoing subscription, you could sign on for $85-$298. If you’d pick the most effective and available cargo, it’s $a hundred-$350.

Keto Chow Surprise Kit Review

The Keto Chow Surprise Kit is much like the Subscription Box. Best, what you get inner varies from order to order. It’s incredible for folks fearless in attempting new matters and includes a curated preference of Keto Chow flavors and five recipe playing cards to provide you inspiration for the month.

Opt for shipping of 20, 30, 60, or ninety food and feature them delivered every 1 or 2 months. Again, with this package, you won’t preselect flavors, so be prepared to discover new tastes and attempt the first-class of what this emblem has to provide.

The Surprise Kit is priced just like the subscription; however, it finally costs a bit less. Subscribe to acquire your bundle often and get it for $80-$280, depending on how a bargain you order. Don’t experience subscribing? You can get the package as a one-time component for $ hundred-$350.

Who Is Keto Chow For?

Keto Chow products are made especially for the ones following a keto lifestyle. Though you don’t technically ought to be on a keto weight loss plan to buy from this logo, its merchandise does align with its prescribed fat-to-protein-to-carb ratio and take the guesswork out of meal planning.

Offering food and dietary supplements, Keto Chow is right for the ones searching out smoothtravel-great food which is excessive in fat and protein and low in carbs. Plus, they taste pretty extremely good, too—check the subsequent segment.

Keto Chow Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

If you’re reading this Keto Chow compare, there’s an awesome threat you’ve attempted your honest share of keto-associated food and supplements. You can apprehend what the one-of-a-kind manufacturers lacked: flavor.

Though we take Keto Chow’s phrase for its vitamins facts (net carbs, energy, etc.), to find out if its meal replacements are as tasty as the brand says they may be, we want to concentrate on the ones who’ve tried them. Ahead, we’ll take you via an array of feedback located throughout the internet, starting with KetoChow.Com:

  • Essential Starter Kitfour.Five/five stars from 399 reviews
  • 28 ozBlender Bottlefour.Nine/five stars from 1,225 critiques
  • Banana Keto Chowfour.5/5 stars from 514 reviews
  • Chocolate Toffee Keto Chow: four.Nine/5 stars from 756 evaluations
  • Beef Soup Basefour/five stars from 949 opinions

Checking out the Essential Starter Kit feedback, customers love the flavors this brand pumps out. One Keto Chow review study:

I didn’t apprehend what to anticipate from Keto Chow. However, I changed into pleasantly surprised by using how a whole lot I preferred the products. The shakes taste extraordinary, each taste. I installed an order for more already!” This remark was common—we didn’t observe a good deal otherwise.

For a touch backup, we headed to Amazon and regarded the Keto Chow assessment section for the Chocolate Keto Chow. Another well-known product, 788 clients, provided the shake with 4.4/5 stars. Overall, 80 five% of reviewers gave the combination four or five stars.

On Amazon, many individuals have expressed a loss of self-belief about how Keto Chow shakes may flavor. But due to the reality, they were so popular, they ordered except. Here’s how that grew to become out for one purchaser:

I located it in my Ninja and gave it a whirl. It comes to be pretty darn correct! I nearly felt accountable, and it ends up like a milkshake from a quick meals joint. I didn’t enjoy the aftertastes or clumping that others pointed out.

We observed this overview regularly, and Keto Chow is a dream. If you’re involved in clumping, use the Blender Bottle to dispose of chunks or supply it a pass in an electric-powered powered blender.

Our last few remarks come from the online evaluation website Judge Me. With a universal rating of four.Five/5 stars from sixteen, four hundred buyers, this internet site pulls scores from around the net and bundles them together, giving us one of the most accurate depictions of Keto Chow we must wish for. It breaks down like this:

  • Five stars: eighty three%
  • four stars: 6%
  • Three stars: 5%
  • Two stars: 2%
  • One well-known person: four%

The feedback phase ranged from mentions of why human beings are similar to the brand’s meals to how people like to experience them. There changed into a buzz about experimenting with wonderful drinks and fat to create their perfect shake. Allowing on your very personal level of personalization, you can dial within the taste. Of the taste and texture, one Keto Chow overview examines:

Feels and tastes like a real milkshake. You recognize at the same time as you’re eating ice cream, and by the time you get to the quit, all of it has melted? I can’t inform a difference. I’ll have this kind of mint sweet in the evenings to combat cravings.

Milkshake? Melted ice cream? Yes, please. Since sugar is a no-no on a keto weight loss plan, cravings for desserts are commonplace. Keto Chow does the trick.

Overall, the comments for Keto Chow have become very high and excellent. Clients love its flavors and say that its shakes are thickcreamy, and delicious once mixed.

Is Keto Chow Legit?

In our look for Keto Chow reviews, we rarely came in the course of a horrific comment. Customers love the product they get but additionally love the emblem behind it. With no courtroom cases about the delivery or returns procedures, the only one we did modify into approximately the flavor.

Taste is a private element; understandably, not everyone will discover what you discover delicious. For the sake of the larger photo, this Keto Chow assessment is worried about what the bulk thinks—and this is that this employer makes scrumptious merchandise.

Is Keto Chow Worth It?

Starting and staying on diet plans may be hard if you don’t enjoy what you devour. Choosing food that excites you will be the key to sticking to your dreams, and that’s the whole factor of Keto Chow.

Helping you get pumped approximately your food, supplying whole nutrients, and taking the guesswork out, Keto Chow food is first-rate to have in your returned pocket. With lots of offers and net carbs that clock in under 1 gram, we’d, in truth, propose the emblem—although it’s really to attempt out one % to look what it’s like for yourself.

Keto Chow Review -Is It Worth Trying?

Keto Chow Promotions & Discounts

Since it’s the process of this Keto Chow examination to provide you with the dish on give, we dug thru the logo’s website online to discover all of them.

  • Essentials Kits are 55% off and get loose greater food.
  • Join the Rewards application to earn five% off every purchase.
  • Refer a friend: Give 5% and get $10
  • Free delivery on US orders of $2 hundred+

Where to Buy Keto Chow

You can discover the business enterprise’s products at a handful of accomplice stores like Amazon, Switch Grocery, and You Buy if you’d want to immediately benefit from shopping with the logo (rewards, reductions, and many others), head to KetoChow.Com.


Who owns Keto Chow?

Chris Bair is the proprietor of Keto Chow. Founding the logo in 2015, it has become just three quick years earlier than that that Chris discovered himself obese and with metabolic syndrome. Reversing his circumstance with a keto diet, he determined to create delicious, smart keto meal replacements to simplify sticking to the useful lifestyle.

How many carbs are in Keto Chow?

When you look at the lower back of a Keto Chow package deal, you will be amazed to peer at the huge sort of carbs covered. Don’t be alarmed! These aren’t the net carbs; net carbs are what subjects—they’re your body digests. 

Even even though the commonplace shake has 7 grams of overall carbs, tons less than 1 gram of them is your net quantity way to the xanthan fiber and acacia in the recipe.

Does Keto Chow supply across the world?

Yes! Thankfully, Keto Chow ships across the world. To view delivery expenses, circulate ahead and take a look at out with the gadgets you wish to purchase. Since delivery is calculated through package deal weight and dimensions, it’ll vary.

What is Keto Chow’s Shipping Policy?

Keto Chow uses US Priority Mail to deliver the bulk of its programs. After they depart the warehouse, if you stay within the US, you may anticipate yours to attain in 2-4 industrial organization days. Shipping is unfastened for orders over $200.

Shipping fees are calculated based on weight and dimensions, so once you head to the checkout, you’ll see all available fees and alternatives.

What is Keto Chow’s Return Policy?

Keto Chow is all about making you glad. With every diet plan and the products you receive. If you’re now not truly pumped about what you get from this logo, you may pass lower back your products for a refund. Here are the policies:

  1. Start the go lower back manner within 30 days from the date of purchase.
  2. If you still need to open the doors packaging, USPS or UPS can normally cross-return it to the sender for no more fee.
  3. If you don’t like the taste you order, Keto Chow will provide artwork to get you a replacement.
  4. If your product is broken in transit, Keto Chow will update it free from price. In reality, preserve it and take some snapshots to see what happened.

For something, cause you want to go again your product, make certain to contact the logo first. Its institution will permit you to comprehend exactly what your alternatives are. At the cease of the day, Keto Chow needs you to be happy, whether or not or now not, that’s from a delectable product or outstanding customer service.

If you have yet to attempt any of Keto Chow’s flavors earlier, the emblem recommends buying just one earlier than committing.

How to Contact Keto Chow

If you need every other fact not included in this Keto Chow evaluation, you could get in contact with the brand thru:

  • Phone: (385)645-5386
  • Website contact shape
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Twitter

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