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Goose Creek Candles Review – Is It Worth Your Money?

About Goose Creek Candles

With such a lot of candle companies available, the alternatives are, in reality, infinite. However, one of the maximum important factors of a candle is its components. Goose Creek Candles stand out because they’re made in the US without dangerous or banned chemical compounds. The logo offers candles, wax melts, flameless fragrances, and additional. 

Not every candle has been featured in massive- and small-show productions from NBC, Fox, CBS, Sony Pictures, ABC, and Columbia Pictures. Our Goose Creek candles assessment also determined that the emblem has constructed a following of 43K on Instagram and has over 682K likes on Facebook.

Stay tuned as this Goose Creek candles evaluation gives you all of the deets on the emblem and its products, in addition to purchaser ratings, discounts, and promotions, and additional that will help you determine if the candles are properly really worth it or no longer. 

Overview of Goose Creek Candles

Chuck Meece primarily based the Goose Creek Candle business organization in the small town of Liberty, Kentucky, in 1998. Starting with a line of candles created in Chuck’s very own home, Goose Creek has grown into a mass-production problem, with facilities throughout the USA and customers in over 75 nations.

Each candle has extraordinary components and substances comprising no harmful chemicals. Goose Creek specifically prides itself on its astounding range of fragrances, which presently number nearly 3 hundred and counting. 

This Goose Creek Candle assessment will now get into a number of the corporation’s pros and cons.


  • Ifra-authorized candles that comprise no harmful chemical compounds or other components
  • Variety of numerous, amusing scents, they all secure for your private home
  • 35+ hour burn time
  • Lead-unfastened, 100% cotton wicks
  • Candles are nearly 1/2 the cost of the competition


  • No global delivery from the enterprise website
  • Some consumer lawsuits about slow transport or reports of scents being too aromatic

Goose Creek gives hundreds of candle collections and patterns and has even increased into the frame career subject with a widespread line of soaps, moisturizers, and hydrating creams. This Goose Creek candles evaluation will now take you through some of the pinnacle-promoting candle instructions that the emblem gives.

Goose Creek Candles Large Jar Candles Review

Goose Creek candle fragrances are IFRA-accepted and completely stable to burn in your private home. The business enterprise promises you could scent a pleasant and powerful aroma inside your house when burning their candles. And with a burn time of as much as 100 and fifty hours, the fragrance is positive to linger—the huge candles function wicks, which can be a hundred% lead-free. 

This Goose Creek candles assessment will dive into some of the brand’s bestselling, particularly scented big jar candles.

Goose Creek Candles Patchouli Leaves Large Jar Candle Review

A few things are so appealing and welcoming, approximately the earthy tones of patchouli. This nature-stimulated combination contains woody patchouli, wild inexperienced leaves, sandalwood, and white cashmere. 

You can currently grab the Patchouli Leaves Large Jar Candle for $14, down from the ordinary $28.

Goose Creek Candles Peppermint Large Jar Candle Review

The candy and clean aroma of the Peppermint Large Jar Candle will deliver you to the vacation season regardless of what time of year you light it. The peppermint-ahead aggregate, moreover, consists of notes of vanilla and heat honey, developing a sweet-toothful blend. This is truly the correct excursion fragrance.

For distinctive first-rate vacation-themed scents, you may browse Goose Creek Candle Easter candles like the Candied Easter Eggs Large three-Wick or Easter Cake Large 3-Wick. And for the spooky season, look at the choice of Goose Creek Candle Halloween candles, along with the Halloween Party 16oz Large Jar and Pumpkin Patch Large Jar.

You should purchase the Goose Creek Candle peppermint candle for $28.

Goose Creek Candles Exhilarating Pineapple Large Jar Candle Review

The Exhilarating Pineapple Large Jar Candle lives up to its adjective with its heady scent of freshly reduced pineapple. Try not to get effective seaside vibes because the complementary notes of sugar water, seashore rain, lemon, and vanilla envelop your senses in an aroma of paradise.

The Goose Creek Candle pineapple candle is going for $28.

Goose Creek Candles Georgia Peach Large Jar Candle Review

Sweet, sweet summertime—there’s virtually not something that discovers it irresistible. Think approximately the solar warming your pores and pores and skin as you sit down once more and experience the intense and delightful colorful view. And the golden sunsets on those summer nights virtually aren’t complete without a sweet fragrance to examine. 

The Georgia Peach Large Jar Candle gives off the fragrance of orchards and candy in summertime rain, the precise pairing to a lovely summer season middle of the night. The fruit-stuffed aroma additionally contains notes of orange, mango, and grapefruit. It’s currently on sale for $14, inside the beginning $28.

Goose Creek Candles Three Wick Candles Review

Goose Creek makes use of lead-free wicks made from a hundred% cotton. The length of the three-wick candle is 14. Five oz, and they have a burn time of over 35 hours. The wax is a soy wax combo that produces a smooth burn that’s noticeably scented. 

This Goose Creek candles evaluation will cover several of the logo’s bestselling 3-wick candles.

Goose Creek Candles Oud Large 3-Wick Candle Review

Picture strolling through a forest full of smooth snow in the center of winter. The Oud Large three-Wick Candle smells like nature on a crisp, cool day. Invigorate your senses with the notes of smooth eucalyptus, amber, bergamot, patchouli, cypress, and underlying woodsy scents.

Take a hike without leaving your home with the Oud Large three-Wick Candle; presently, a thieve at $12, marked down from $26.

Goose Creek Candles Tobacco Large 3-Wick Candle Review

Another kind of the Goose Creek Candle patchouli candle, the Tobacco Large three-Tobaccornesses the fragrance of air-dried tobacco leaves. The richly layered aroma of the tobacco is complemenTobaccoough balancing notes of patchouli, vanilla, and cedarwood, surrounding you with that comforting and mawkish feeling of your grandfather’s examination.

The Tobacco three-Wick gives you up to 50 hours of gradual-burning fragrant intensity. Normally $26, you may get it now for the discounted $12.

Goose Creek Candles Unicorn Candy Large 3-Wick Candle Review

The Unicorn Candy Large three-Wick Candle is the appropriate candle to install in your youngster’s room. With its brilliant blue coloration and delicious aroma of sour, sweet, and sugar with prominent notes of blue raspberry, rock sweet, and peach creme, this candle evokes the epitome of youth surprise and playtime fun.

Feel like a toddler again with the Unicorn Candy Large three-Wick Candle, marked right down to $12 from $26.

Goose Creek Candles Lavender & Vanilla Aromatherapy Candle Review

Lavender is the candy fragrance of relaxation, and the Lavender & Vanilla Aromatherapy Candle will encourage you to get the relaxation you want. Goose Creek’s aromatherapy collection capabilities crucial natural oils blended into the soy wax, which assists in soothing the senses as the candles burn. 

The extra notes on this serene-smelling candle encompass bergamot, cedarwood, and tonka bean. Get as good a deal as 60 hours of bliss with the Lavender & Vanilla Aromatherapy Candle, presently $12 in preference to the equal old $25

Goose Creek Candles Black Cherry Wax Melt Review

The delicious Black Cherry is one of the many first-rate-smelling Goose Creek Candle scented waxes melts. Combining the acute fragrance of black cherry fragrance oil with notes like plum and apple will surround you with the mouthwatering aroma of sweet black cherries all spring and summer.

The Black Cherry Wax Melt will let you enjoy this tremendously aromatic scent for fifty-eight hours. Typically best $4, those Goose Creek Candle wax melts have now been diminished to a truthful extra ridiculous $three

Goose Creek Candles Review - Is It Worth Your Money?

Goose Creek Candles Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

So, are Goose Creek candles specific? Let’s see what clients don’t forget the logo’s candles and different heady scent-centered products. This Goose Creek Candles assessment examined purchaser opinions observed on the corporation’s online website, TrustPilot, and Reddit to find solutions. 

Firstly, out of a whopping 174K+ product opinions on their net site, Goose Creek pulls in a 5/5-famous individual common score. That’s an excellent rating for this immoderate volume of evaluations.

Customers commented approximately how the form of fragrances allows them to curate what scents they want for certain regions of their homes. One confirmed consumer stated of a Goose Creek Candle room spray, “This spray is Amazing!! I genuinely Love the smell. I use it in my bedroom particularly. I’ve gotten several compliments on it. Will be buying this over again.”

Continuing that room-precise subject matter, one satisfied patron of the famous Butter Cookie sort of Goose Creek Candle wax cakes writes, “Wonderful fragrance, truly makes my kitchen a place to be. My husband even located the heady scent; he saved asking what became I baking. Sorry honey, just my fantastic buddies at Goose Creek; maybe next time. Thanks for all your GREAT scents!”

The candles are honestly too aromatic if there’s any real complaining taking area at the emblem website. Writing the Goose Creek Candle letters candle, one patron stated, “This fragrance may be very robust…plenty so that we need to blow the candle out after some time. I find it irresistible. However, it’s truly too strong, and I wouldn’t buy it again.”

That sadness was amplified plenty more at TrustPilot, wherein the logo has the 19 best reviews and a “Poor” rating of 2.7/5 stars. Countering the corporation’s claims approximately the high-quit formulas of its candles, many purchasers right here were not stimulated with the aid of the goods’ brilliant.

One purchaser stocks, “I had high hopes once I decided to buy six candles from this enterprise. Most of the candles I ordered had a synthetic reasonably-priced scent, paying homage to greenback shop candles. They need to paint on that, probably using higher-quality oils.”

This Goose Creek candles review additionally came at some point of numerous court docket cases, approximately gradual delivery, and the organization deleting terrible feedback on their social media and internet website, which is a particular purple flag. “They are not as a lot because of the present-day instances with shipping. You may as well be ordering from a catalog within the 1960s…. Customer issuer is vain,” wrote one reviewer.

None of that sounds correct; however, it permits maintaining in mind the numbers for a 2nd. There are less than 20 evaluations of the brand on Trustpilot, and for positive producers, that net page can be a magnet for almost solely terrible reviews. 

On the other element of the scale is the devoted r/goosecreekcandles community on Reddit, which has over 600 individuals. Few, if any, will join this institution if they aren’t already lovers of the emblem, but in sheer numbers, it outweighs the critics on Trustpilot.

The elegant consensus approximately this organization has become concisely summed up using the kind of Reddit commenters: “I love Goose Creek. I’ve been purchasing from them for a few [years], and I’ve never had a problem with them. [Their] fragrances […] are always extremely good.”

Are Goose Creek Candles Worth It?

This Goose Creek candles evaluation believes that these candles are worth it. The organization has been around for over a year and sells fragrant scents that don’t encompass harmful marketers. Their candles are safe for your private home and burn frivolously for up to a hundred+ hours. 

Goose Creek gives diverse scents and collections to pick out from, as well as other merchandise like room spray and body care. The organization additionally has not unusual profits and launches; it is constantly interesting for customers.

Despite terrible critiques approximately the scents being overpowering, we believe an aromatic candle lasts even longer. Most people are thrilled with the strength of the candles. However, all of it boils way down to personal preference.

Although the commercial enterprise corporation may additionally filter out terrible evaluations (and the throughout-the-board five/five-big call ratings on their website will be a sign of that), we found that most of the negativity toward the brand on specific websites revolves around spherical delivery issues. A lot of them are pretty recent, even though, so remember that COVID-19 changed into nearly virtually a thing in those times. 

Most customers deem the candles well worth it, even as damaging evaluations discover they are too sturdy or synthetic. Overall, the enterprise is decent and will hassle a return if you’re not satisfied.

This Goose Creek candles review believes the emblem to be worth a shot, especially if you’re trying to assign it to special candle producers. The candles are moderately priced, with thousands of earnings, making them a low-chance purchase. 

Goose Creek Candles Promotions & Discounts 

At the time of this evaluation, we did now not stumble upon any Goose Creek candle coupons a good way to use. In the Goose Creek candles on sale segment of the brand’s internet site, even though, you’ll find out many discounted gadgets, with some marked down as little as $eleven. You can also use your e-mail to enroll in Destiny coupons, giveaways, and contests.

Additionally, you could be a part of Emblem’s rewards software program. As a rewards member, you’ll get toward incomes distinct rewards every time you save. You also can earn points in opportunity tactics, like sharing and following the commercial enterprise organization on Facebook and Instagram.

Where To Buy Goose Creek Candles

You should buy merchandise right away on the Goose Creek website, goosecreekcandles.Com. Other shops that convey the brand consist of Walmart, similar to several independent stores and chains.


Where do Goose Creek Candles ship from?

Goose Creek candles deliver from the brand’s achievement middle in Kentucky. See this Goose Creek Candle evaluation for facts on delivery fees and instances.

How plenty is shipping on Goose Creek Candles?

All orders of $100 and over qualify for free-of-charge transport. Shipping charges on orders below $ hundred may be calculated based mostly on which kingdom you live in. You can view Goose Creek shipping costs through Kingdom right here.

How long does it take for Goose Creek Candles to ship?

Your order will leave the Goose Creek warehouse in two to 2-three business organization days. Delivery time will depend upon your place. 

Can you return Goose Creek Candles?

You may not physically deliver the lower returned items depending on the situation. If you’ve obtained a damaged item, the Goose Creek aid group will compare your trouble to provide you with a top-class provider. 

If you need to move back a couple of items, the logo’s customer service crew must doubtlessly schedule a pickup to save you the hassle of returning your item. 

What is Goose Creek Candles’ Shipping Policy?

Goose Creek no longer delivers to Hawaii or across the world. For domestic delivery, the business enterprise uses FedEx and USPS. If you want to stay at Goose Creek Europe, visit goosecreekeu.Com. 

What is Goose Creek Candles’ Return Policy?

If your item arrives broken, the agency promises to cover all return prices apart from UPS’s $10 service charge. Goose Creek summarizes their characteristics: “Things take vicinity, and we are committed to searching after our clients. Broken, damaged, and defective gadgets do not need to be once more to us. Please reach out to us if you have any issues with your order.”

How do I contact Goose Creek Candles? 

To touch the corporation for any facts now not already protected in this Goose Creek candles assessment, you may email them at guide@goosecreekinc.Com or name them at (800) 775-1388. Their customer service crew will solve your calls through ordinary business enterprise hours, Monday-Friday, nine am-four:30pm EST.  

Alternatively, you may use the manual chat option at the logo internet site, active from Monday-Friday, 10 am-4 pm EST.

Are you not sold on Goose Creek Candles.? Check out Homesick Candles, a cruelty-free, non-poisonous, soy candle emblem that develops scents to transport customers to the places and moments they maximum love.

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