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Brunt Boots Reviews: Read This Before Buying

I’ve worn those boots for the final 6 months, inside the path of summertime and through winter. I’m going to percent my experience with the Marin Boots and Brunt Boots organization as a whole and, with any luck, assist you’re making the dedication on whether or not those are the proper boot for you.

Brunt Boots aims to deliver something essential to the desk by specializing excellently to stand up to numerous running conditions. In our Brunt Boots evaluations, I’ll offer you all the information you need to determine inside the event that they’re genuinely worth the cash. First, allow’s begin with a bit of the historical past at the employer.

Review in one paragraph

If you need more time to look at the entire assessment on why they promote an awesome extraordinary boot, let me quickly summarize why I expect you must attempt the boots out.

I’ve worn those boots nearly regular workday for the last 6 months in rain, sleet, solar, and snow. I will assist you in recognizing that If you’re looking for a nice boot that has fallen apart, will preserve you from heat and dryness, is breathable and mild, is grippy, has fantastic design, and could, in form narrow and full-size feet then this boot is for you.

Are Brunt Boots Legit?

Shopping appropriately for picks online is getting more difficult, but I can vouch for Brunt Boots. Brunt Boots is a legitimate company. They were based with the aid of Eric Girouard around years ago and had been gaining traction ever since. He may be jogging a younger employer. However, he is aware of precisely what he’s doing.

Eric comes from protracted hard artwork data showing how his boots are designed and created. 

Brunt Boots Reviews

I’ve been sporting the boots as a preferred contractor for over 6 months, and so far, I haven’t had any court cases.

Overall Rating: ★★★★ 4 Stars

Overall I’d supply those boots a 4-big name rating as these are extremely good mid-variety boots with first-rate versatility. They provide masses extra than extraordinary boots at this rate factor. I’ve been carrying the Marin boot each day for a maximum of the ultimate 6 months, and I, without a doubt, can’t consider something I dislike about them.

From what I have a look at the maximum, others additionally sense that for the price, Brunt Boots keep up nicely enough and are comfortable, lightweight, and waterproof.

They seem extra suitable for folks that paint on their toes all day but only sometimes want a hard-work boot. This is a clean-toe boot.

Pricing: ★★★★ four Stars

For the fee, I was given a remarkable fee, sooner or later, of the iciness they’ve been superheated and that they have a superb nonslip sole that works well. Being in the pacific northwest, we see our truthful proportion of rain, so that a few factors may be a want for me.

Their boots vary from $one 0 five to $ hundred 75, drastically cheaper than a few competing boot producers. Many others say the boots’ pleasant is prepared mid-tier, much like the pricing.

Fit/Comfort: ★★★★★ 5 Stars

The boots come huge and feature a removable patron insert you can take out if desired.

I take it out after I comprehend I will be lively at the manner web page and position it returned in as soon as I need some room in my boot. I generally try this as soon as I’m managing a hobby.

Overall, I was able to find the proper size easily. But if you’re involved, Brunt says their suit is based totally on a popular length chart.

Shipping & Returns: ★★★★★ five Stars

Brunt Boots offers unfastened famous shipping on all orders and a transport time of three-6 organization days after being shipped. They supply within the U.S.; however, unfastened delivery isn’t available for Hawaii or Alaska. They simplest deliver inside the States right now.

Regarding returns, I changed into very inspired by their past returned coverage. They have the same old 30-day pass-back coverage, but you can wear their boots as an entire lot as you need inside the ones for 30 days.

It’s uncommon to peer a shoe emblem that lets customers return worn footwear. This policy allowed me to get enjoy Brunt boots.

My Brunt Boot The Marin (Soft Toe) Review

These have been the boots that I’ve worn for the ultimate 6 months. I have zero court cases; they had been moderate and breathable during the summer season months and heat and dry inside the cold months.

I’m now not one to care lots about how stylish a boot is, but I’ve gotten more compliments on the appearance of those boots than my Danners. I enjoy that that is what Brunt has become going for.

It’s constructed with a rubber-skinned sole for oil and slip resistance. This slip resistance works well, particularly on moist steel and wet timber surfaces. I’m a piece older, so this became my main selling issue.

I also experience triple-layer waterproofing and whole-grain leather-based. As I mentioned, I stay in the Pacific Northwest, so rain is a constant issue.

Overall, I advocate the boot to anybody searching for a lightweight, warm, snug boot built to last. A reasonable fee, appropriate top-notch, and snug.

Brunt The Ryng Reviews

One of their maximum lightweight alternatives, those boots are prepared to deliver the first-class traction feasible. It’s also a first-rate desire for cushy mobility and claims that will resist almost any strolling environment or climate state of affairs.

Featuring a nano toe made with composite materials and an excessive-abrasion breathable fabric, those are a diverse choice for difficult employees. 

It also has the gain of an extended-lasting toe cap and heel shield so that you’re blanketed from every perspective.

Brunt The Kasparian Reviews

Offering a waterproof, slip- and oil-resistant layout, this boot is a relaxing alternative for individuals who don’t want too many layers of protection. 

These boots are also made with full grain leather-based, double sewing, and an outdoor heel to guard one of the foot’s most touchy areas.

It’s tremendous for all-day put on and acquired make you experience weighed down at some point of long hours to your ft. 

Brunt The Bolduc Reviews

Built to guard you in competition to electric risks, the boots include many standard functions with waterproofing, protection toe, and slip resistance. 

They’re among the most effective boots to take on and rancid, as they were aware of a comfy fit while maximizing comfort and breathability.

The boot’s functions are similar to many others in their catalog. However, the layout is what sets them apart from the relaxation.

What Are Customers Saying?

To higher recognize if Brunt Boots will meet your wishes, check out some of the most routine comments from their customers underneath:

  • Many customers say the boots are comfortable and lightweight
  • Mid-variety brilliant
  • Some say they’re an awesome price, at the same time as others say they may be overpriced
  • Some customers skilled put on and tear inside the first couple of months
  • Overall, their boots appear higher for those who work in factories or other areas that don’t require great heavy-responsibility boots

Final Notes: Are Brunt Boots Worth It?

Whether or not the boots are worth it ultimately depends on your dreams and the concept of first-rate value.

Those boots are snug and lightweight but aren’t meant to tackle heavy-obligation artwork. They may be an amazing option for folks who are just on their feet all day or want more than one shoe that they could sometimes difficult up and replace.

It’s also difficult to decide how prolonged-lasting their boots are since the agency is new. It was modified into based a couple of years ago. Many clients are glad about their boots up to now. However, they’ll not remain for a decade as some well-known boot brands might.

It’s a difficult marketplace as tradespeople have very specific necessities, and the worth of Brunt Boots comes down to your particular footwear wishes.

Brunt Boots Alternatives

If you still need more, here are a few top choices regarding comparable boot producers. These manufacturers are more hooked up, too, so you may be positive you’re getting a pleasing boot to remain for future years.

  • Red Wings – Although those are double the price of Brunt on commonplace, they’re well worth the splurge.
  • Timberland is a famous boot brand that isn’t as expensive due to the preceding emblem but still values slightly more than Brunt.
  • Sorel – Another brilliant boot brand, especially for individuals who paint out of doors inside the snow or in less warm climates. Some boots are similar in fee to Brunt, with some barely more costly or even some inexpensive options.

Return Policy

Brunt Boots gives unfastened returns within 30 days, but the satisfactory component? You can wear the boots as much as you like (this doesn’t follow any non-boot purchases).

If you’re no longer a fan, you may get a complete refund on their boots without a great print or questions asked within the method.


Where Are Brunt Boots Made?

The emblem mentions a dealer network spanning the U.S., China, and Vietnam. However, most customers take delivery as real with the maximum in their products coming out of China.

Who Owns Brunt Workwear?

Brunt Boots is owned and operated by Eric Girouard, and the logo has been in operation for about two years.

Where Can I Buy Brunt Boots?

For the most part, you may handiest discover Brunt Boots on their expert net website or resale internet websites.

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