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Are you looking to buy at Are you looking to find out whether is a legitimate online store? Check this review to find out the reasons why our scam detector has given low trust scores.

What exactly is website?

Ataacko is located on can be described as an internet shop that sells various kinds of products like Magnetic dart boards for kids, an orion cooker, and more. These products are offered at a price that is surprisingly low.

But there are many negative signs which indicate that it’s not legitimate and this review will reveal everything you need to know about the store. The main findings made were:

The reasons why you shouldn’t shop at has a lot of red flags , and they are reasons not to make purchases from the website. A few examples of Red flags are:

Website Creation

The website was made in June 2022. It will expire in June 2023. This is an indication of a website that is easily disposed off therefore it’s suspect.

Customer Complaints

Customers who purchased at this retailer have left numerous reviewsonline in which they claim that the shop is fraudulent as they didn’t receive what they paid for or received a completely different item with poor quality. All attempts to contact the store to request refunds were unsuccessful.

A few unhappy customers expressed their opinion:

I bought an electric scooter through S but haven’t received it. I suspect it was an e-commerce scam.

It Has Hidden Its Contact Address has concealed its contact information in its site. This is suspicious and indicates that has hidden its contact information from potential buyers. It’s also suspicious because legitimate stores always give exact information on their website. This is an alarming sign and indication that it’s an e-commerce scam.

Suspicious/ Outrageous Discounts

The price reductions on the site are far too impressive to be real and is an alarm signal that the website is fraudulent.

Poor/No Security

This website is not secure in that it’s not protected by Mcafee as well as Norton. The website is therefore vulnerable to hackers that can take and manipulate customers’ personal and financial data.

Stolen Contents has stolen the majority of its content, including product images, and images from several online stores.

It’s quite typical of fraud online shops. They advertise their products as authentic, however in reality the customers are receiving a cheap knockoff and are not able to returning the item.

No Social Media

The Store is not a social media handle. This implies that it isn’t accessible through any of the social networks. which is suspicious because all legitimate online stores maintains a active Social Media presence.

Is Scam Or Legit?

In light of these crucial points earlier, has a lot of warning signs.

Similar to many fraudulent online stores, this one uses cheap discounts to entice customers. When they place an order they are delivered a totally different product or low quality product and some customers are left with absolutely nothing. This is an excellent example of a bait-and-switch fraud.

Does Using PayPal Guarantee Safe Shopping From No! And Here’s Why.

Nowadays, PayPal is not able to promise a quick refund. Furthermore, the scam websites frequently make the error of using an untrue tracking number that is completely unrelated to your. This fake tracking number gets entered into your PayPal transaction, which causes PayPal consider this to be an entire transaction, and therefore charging back is, often sometimes impossible.

3 Things To Be Aware Of When Shopping From

If you are shopping at this fraudulent retailer, be aware of three points, which include;

Not Receiving Your Package

This is the usual practice when dealing with online stores that have scams that you are debited, however, you no package is delivered.

Receiving A Different/ Inferior Product

Receiving a totally different item that was purchased. This is an instance of the bait and switch scam in which you get an item that is different, an one example is getting an unintentional sunglass made of plastic instead of the wardrobe you ordered.

Hacked Credit Card

There is also the possibility of having your credit cards compromised by these fraud-prone online stores. In this scenario, you may be charged for a product that you didn’t order or be charged a higher amount by the retailer. Sometimes, they will keep deducting funds off your card.


Based on all the evidence there is no doubt there is no doubt that cannot be considered a legitimate online shop. It has taken advantage of unwary buyers and has plenty of Red Flags as we have observed in this report. buyers should be wary of this site. To be able to identify fraudulent online stores, customers must check their Domain time on as well as for the location of the shop and, if it’s given one, just copy and paste the address into Google and Google maps will tell you if it’s a warehouse, or a residential structure.

Like viviizstores, dicoola alien-tees, galacmart as well as crocodiletime and various other suspect websites customers didn’t get the items they purchased however they received a low-cost item or none at all.

Do this if you’ve been scammed!

Have you been scammed? Here’s some tips to do in the event that you’ve been taken advantage of.

Contact your bank to make complaints and request an additional debit card. If you have used Paypal as an option to pay, you need to record your transactions for the future. you can do this by taking an image.

As much as internet shopping makes life more convenient and easier, one needs be aware when buying items online to reduce the chance of a compromised credit card or overcharged charges. When making purchases from an online store , check out the below.

The age of the website is old, it has a return address customer Reviews and its presence on social media.

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