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Alain Dupetit Suits Review – Is It Worth Trying?

About Alain Dupetit

Alain Dupetit designs the sharpest searching, low-priced, and fantastic men’s fits you’ll find online. They perform as an e-commerce platform and provide their customers with low prices. The value of their fits starts at simply $39.

The brand has over 52k fans on Facebook and 53k followers on Instagram. They are loved by using guys looking for a reliable, attractive suit from an emblem they can agree with to deliver on fine at a less expensive rate. 

This Alain Dupetit fits review will take a normal look at the logo, consumer scores, deals, and more to help you decide if they’re the right healthy for you.

Overview of Alain Dupetit

Alain Dupetit used to manufacture fits for massive fashion designer manufacturers. Noting that it’s the norm for massive brands to markup the retail price of fits by using ten instances of the real value, Alain Dupetit threw the fit marketplace a curveball and began their direct-to-client website.

Founded in 2014, the brand’s mission is to make the “great, maximum stylish suits available to everybody,” believing that “looking your sharpest ought to cost a fortune now not.” Alain Dupetit’s owner, Alain Dupetit, is a 2d-generation tailor. At 21, he moved to America and opened his first keep.

Alain Dupetit has been designing fits for over 40 years. In six years, he grew his namesake logo into a $four million corporation

This Alain Dupetit fits assessment will now spotlight some execs and cons of the brand. 


  • Vast series of suits along with Tuxedos and three-Piece Suits 
  • Selection of shirts specialized for fit pairings  
  • Alain Dupetit is a second-era tailor with a lifetime of revel in running for huge brands.
  • Low charge for super portions
  • Large size selection


  • Only one delivery choice
  • No exchanges

Alain Dupetit’s designs are severely clever. Within every suit, you can see and appreciate the craftsmanship and the lifetime of enjoyment that has long passed into designing every style.

Their first-rate promoting items, including suits, shirts, and accessories, are a more affordable choice than some other in-shop or online retailers. The smooth, current lines and attention to detail deliver different suit organizations a run for their money.

Alain Dupetit suits permit your ensembles to look steeply-priced without breaking the bank. Many men require different daily suits for work, and the route, for unique activities. But the age-vintage issue with suits is that they are very costly.

Alain Dupetit strives to lay out suits that could stand the check of time without the introduced pressure of the price tag. Next, you’ll locate their most popular fits, which function smart, classy cuts for many occasions. 

Alain Dupetit Black Three Piece Suit Review

There’s something so clever about a person in a three-piece match. This Alain Dupetit fits evaluation enjoys putting together a person in a 3-piece suit, with the option of disposing of the jacket for a look that still exudes self-assurance and style.

This Black Three Piece Suithas a -button closure and comes in a conventional or slim match. The shell is crafted from AD-TR (65% tetron, 35% rayon), that’s breathable and portable, notwithstanding looking so polished.

The healthy lining is a hundred% rayon, and the jacket itself functions as a custom instantly pocket, has non-useful buttons at the sleeves, and is double vented on the edges. The pants are unhemmed and barely tapered towards the open bottom, measuring 36″ in the period. 

What’s extra, they have a non-pleated flat front, belt loops, and a zip fly with button closures. It’s crucial to word that this match is dry easy only. Make an effect without breaking a sweat (or the bank) inside the Black Three Piece Suit for $69-$79 (originally $345).

Alain Dupetit Light Grey Two-Button Suit Review

This Light Grey, Two Button Suit reminds us of an English gentleman. To acquire a sophisticated appearance, complete the outfit with a traditional white blouse, blue tie, and matching rectangular pocket. Comfortable enough to wear to paintings daily but classy enough to put on to a wedding, find out the flexibility of this breathable, attractive-looking suit. 

The match is offered in a soft grey color and has two front buttons. You can pick from classic or everyday healthy, whichever fits your fashion and shape. This match comprises AD-TR, Alain Dupetit’s signature cloth crafted from sixty five% tetron and 35% rayon. The lining is also one hundred% rayon. 

The jacket has an immediate custom pocket, non-practical buttons at the sleeves, and is double vented on the perimeters. The pants are unhemmed and slightly tapered toward the open backside, measuring 36″ long. 

This style also features a non-pleated flat front, belt loops, and a zip fly with button closures. Be positive to dry clean this in shape and check the website for several sizes. Be the photo of the higher class with this Light Grey Two Button Suit. No one will know you most effectively paid $49-$59 ($295 fee). 

Alan Dupetit Black Tuxedo with Shawl Lapel Review

The classic tuxedo has changed through the years, and this Black Tuxedo with Shawl Lapel is tailored to shape the modern-day guy. You can choose a regular or slender fit for your fashion and desire. 

Tuxedo-required events commonly involve an extended night time in which standing, dancing, and sitting are on the menu. That’s why having a snug tuxedo is critical—this one capability is an AD-TR (sixty five% tetron, 35% rayon) shell. Compared to wool or cotton fabric, this is comfortable, breathable, tender, and less difficult to move around in and care for. 

The jacket has a custom immediate pocket, non-functional buttons at the sleeves, and an unmarried front button, and its miles are double-vented. The pants are slightly tapered in the direction of the lowest and characteristic of a flat front and an unhemmed, open backside measuring 36″ in length (you’ll need to get the pants tailor-made). 

The Black Tuxedo with Shawl Lapel has a non-pleated front layout, a zipper fly with button closures, and belt loops. To clean, be sure to drop this fit off at the cleaners. With a fee of $295, this sleek, modern-day suit retails from $59-$69.

Alain DupetiShirts Review

Whatever the occasion, Alain Dupetit has you included. Every Alain Dupetit shirt is tailored to paintings with an accompanying fit to make your average ensemble smooth and polished.

Knowing that a second-generation, lifestyles-long tailor has your back, you can sense assured. This Alain Dupetit evaluation will pass on the brand’s bestselling shirts.

Alain Dupetit Traditional Point Collar Dress Shirt Review

The Traditional Point Collar Dress Shirt is your ideal go-to blouse. Contemporary healthy streamlines your body with a graceful silhouette. The shirt functions: 

  • A conventional point collar
  • Regular single barrel cuffs
  • A gently rounded hem
  • Removable remains 

This blouse is crafted from 80% Egyptian cotton and 20% polyester and is system cleanable. It features non-breakable buttons and a chest pocket for a rectangular pocket, or perhaps a pen, depending on herein you’re going. The Traditional Point, Collar Dress, and Shirt will help you to show up looking your best for only $16.

Alain Dupetit Dress Shirt with French Cuffs Review 

The Dress Shirt with French Cuffs embodies European style at its best. Made from eighty% Egyptian cotton and 20% polyester, this white get-dressed shirt is breathable and portable. It has a present-day and ordinary fit, french cuffs, a spread collar, and a lightly rounded hem. 

The shirt additionally functions with unbreakable buttons so you can maintain it for an entire life (or for however long it suits). To care for, system wash on bloodless and grasp to dry. The Alain Dupetit Dress Shirt with French Cuffs is to be had for merely $16 (in the beginning, $98). 

Alain Dupetit Formal Tuxedo Shirt Review

If you’re in a tuxedo, you’re definitely off to a formal, fancy event. If you’ve worn a tux earlier, you understand the blouse subjects. This Formal Tuxedo Shirt offers a swish silhouette to keep your finely tailored aesthetic looking tailor-made – no longer like a disheveled promenade date.  

Even if you’d want to put on this shirt without the jacket, you may feel confident that it will make you look prepared. This white shirt is made from eighty% Egyptian cotton and 20% polyester, with glass buttons and a presidential collar

To preserve this blouse in tip-top shape, it’s endorsed to machine wash on cold and dangle to dry. The Formal Tuxedo Shirt offers a contemporary, normal match with a spread collar, lightly rounded hem, and convertible-shaped cuffs. Hold onto your seat because this shirt costs the handiest $16! That’s quite the financial savings from the unique charge tag of $ ninety-eight.

Alain Dupetit Accessories Review

What is a smooth-reduced, lovely fit without a few equally stunning accessories? Alain Dupetit add-ons consist of neckwear and hardware to keep you looking sharp. Throw on a couple of cufflinks to add some luxury, or pair a match with a sleek tie.

You’ll locate their maximum popular add-ons next up in this Alain Dupetit fits evaluation. 

Alain Dupetit #31 Black Woven Tie Review

Every man ought to own an awesome black tie. Of route, there are some specs of what properly refers to. This Alain Dupetit fits evaluation regards a ‘desirable’ necktie as one that appears correct durable, and low-priced. Pair the #31 Black Woven Tie with a tuxedo on a unique occasion or with an Alain Dupetit three-Piece Suit in gray for work. 

This Alain Dupetit tie is a traditional fashion crafted from 100% microfiber for a smooth, satiny appearance. To take care of, hand wash in bloodless water and lay flat to dry. Score a cope with this wardrobe staple present $9 – a severely reduced charge from the original $45.

Alan Dupetit #one hundred twenty Bow Tie Review

Bow ties deliver a sense of pure class and sophistication. The #one hundred twenty Bow Tie is crafted from one hundred% woven microfiber and has a silky white look. This fashion comes pre-tied, so you won’t need to worry about the proper knot as you rush out the door. 

This Alain Dupetit bow tie comes with a modern-day handkerchief to complete the look, which you can slide into the front pocket of your match as a pocket square.

To take care of your bow tie, wash it in bloodless water and lay it flat to dry. This stylish piece of neckwear may be yours for only $nine. 

The key to a completely put-collectively appearance? Cufflinks. The proper pair of cufflinks can add luxury fringe, whether you’re wearing them to paintings every day or to a wedding. Plus, you could take them to your nearby keep to be engraved for an added personalized touch.

The #10 Cufflink supply an understated but classy appearance to work-wear or suits for special activities. Made from 100% excessive-grade stainless steel, these cufflinks also include a case for safekeeping. Get this outfit finisher for $nine in line with the pair.

Alain Dupetit Tie Bar Review Every guy (and a few ladies) has experienced issues with their tie getting stuck in something, blowing around in the wind, or falling down their chest in disarray. You can now solve that trouble with the Tie Bar

Wearing something easy doesn’t suggest you won’t stand out. This five cm Tie Bar is an understated way to keep your look polished; we could tell others that you mean business. It’s crafted from a hundred% high-grade silver stainless steel that does not tarnish. Grab one these days and stable your tie for the incredibly low charge of $9.

Alain Dupetit Suits Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

This Alain Dupetit suits overview will look at opinions on Reddit, Amazon, and the business enterprise website to give you an idea of what customers consider the logo. 

In an Alain Dupetit Reddit thread, we came across some fashionable responses. “Their fits are a first-rate bang for the dollar…As ways as great, the product is better than I expected. It has a great sense to it,” said one user. Another buyer cited, “You’d be higher off saving your cash for something nicer.” This is virtually authentic. However, not all of us have the cash to splurge on a match.

The best one, Alain Dupetit, is in shape to be had on Amazon, which has four—2/five stars out of 363 reviews. A glad consumer stated, “It becomes a good, nice, healthy ideal. No ironing is required, and no wrinkles. Do not hesitate to buy this if you want a fit for work or a marriage.” On the other hand, a dissatisfied patron said, “I became extraordinarily disillusioned with this in shape. It was ill-becoming and binding. Not what I become used to from Alain Dupetit.”

Customers on the Alain Dupetit internet site wrote of the Black Tuxedo with Shawl Lapel, “Fast transport, best product. Couldn’t be happier.” This suit has a complete five/5 stars out of sixty-one evaluations.

Another client for the equal match: “I offered a white shirt with French cuffs and a thin black tie. When I placed it on, I should bypass for a gentleman in Frank Sinatra’s or James Bond’s entourage. It’s a high-quality traditional appearance.” That seems to be the consensus for Alain Dupetit suits.

Here’s how different pieces featured on this Alain Dupetit fits evaluation carry out on the site:

  • Light Grey Two Button Suit4. Nine/five stars out of 121 opinions
  • Black Three Piece Suitfour.9/five stars out of 146 critiques
  • Traditional Point Collar Dress Shirt4. Eight/five stars out of sixty-seven critiques

Almost all of Alain Dupetit’s users are happy with their fits. That said, those low-price fits can’t compare to their more costly, tailor-made counterparts.

Alain Dupetit Suits Review - Is It Worth Trying?

Are Alain Dupetit Suits Worth It?

According to evaluations, Alain Dupetit is worth shopping for. Just the price alone makes the hazard of purchasing a whole match from this emblem very low. But risk aside, their fits appearance brilliant. 

As you read inside the preceding section, one reviewer did point out that the thread matter isn’t as high as and pricey in shape. However, no person expects that for the price of an Alain Dupetit suit. So, in terms of best, is it the best in shape in the world? Maybe not. But this Alain Dupetit fits overview regards their fits as wonderful and pleasant for the fee

Regardless of many positive critiques, some people are skeptical about a brand. But the assessment website online, Fakespot, analyzed the logo to have less than 10% fake reviews. This says something. The most effective Alain Dupetit delivery assessment this Alain Dupetit suits evaluation observed showed that a customer’s package arrived quickly

Alain Dupetit Promotions & Discounts 

Alain Dupetit offers all the deals, all of the time. You may want to say their commercial enterprise version already has Alain Dupetit discount codes labored into it. However, if you want to live knowledgeable of any Alain Dupetit promo codes the logo might offer, enroll in their e-newsletter

Where to Buy Alain Dupetit Suits

You can order these suits on AlainDupetit.Com, Amazon, or thru Alain Dupetit RedFlagDeals. 


Who is Alain Dupetit? 

Alain Dupetit is at the start of France. He moved to the USA at 21 and rapidly spread out his first keep. He is a 2nd-generation tailor with over forty years of revel in within the enterprise. 

What sizes does Alain Dupetit offer? 

For shirts, Alain Dupetit generally carries sizes between S-4X. For their fits, some greater variations, like neck size, make the listing of sizes Alain Dupetit offers pretty lengthy. For extra information on Alain Dupetit sizing, refer to the scale manual on the product page. 

How long does Alain Dupetiti take to ship?

All Alain Dupetit delivery prices are calculated at checkout and valued at approximately $20. When you place your order, it can soak up to five commercial enterprise days to technique and ship it out. 

All orders are shipped thru UPS Ground delivery. Alain Dupetit’s shipping time can take up to 5 enterprise days. The corporation no longer provides expedited shipping and does not deliver to APO, FPO, or P.O. Boxes.

What is Alain Dupetit’s Return Policy?

The Alain Dupetit go-back coverage states that go-back requests must be emailed to them within 14 days of purchase. The gadgets you want to email ed must be unaltered, undamaged, unwashed, and unworn. 

Alain Dupetit Suits’ returns procedure is as follows:

  1. Create an email to info@alaindupetit.Com 
  2. In the difficulty bar, write: Returemailrder wide variety” i.E. Return 56789
  3. In the email frame, include your order number, the whole call associated with the mailer, the objects you desire to return to, and your reason. 
  4. Allow two to 2-four business days for a reaction.

The agency no longer provides Alain Dupetit free delivery on returns. Refunds may be credited at the original shape of the fee. Alain Dupetit is not able to provide exchanges on orders presently.

How to Contact Alain Dupetit

If you want to get in touch with Alain Dupetit customer support, you can get in contact thru:

  • Email at information@alaindupetit.Com 
  • Call (628) 219-3300. 

This AEmailDupetit suits evaluation should mention that their to-be-had smartphone number is for sizing questions best. All other questions must be sent thru email. Customer service hours are Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, except holidays.

Next, review our in-depth critiques for Proper Cloth and Indochino custom dress shirts and suits.

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